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Got 15 minutes? Then you've got this Easter gift thing covered! More time? How about a tray of buttery yeasted buns?
7 Apr 2020 - 10:37 PM  UPDATED 8 Apr 2020 - 2:32 PM

From buns to chocolate cake, here are some sweet (and savoury) ideas for home-made Easter treats your family will love. 

Sweet treats to share

Hot cross cookies

This fun cookie version of the classic Easter bun (scroll down for our best bun recipes) is still full of spice and with the signature cross piped over the top, this is a delectable way to get festive. 

Maltese Easter biscuits (figolli)

These marzipan-filled biscuits have been made for centuries in Malta, traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday. The bunny shape is a popular modern touch, but you can use any shape of biscuit cutter.

Pistachio and orange truffle bites

These vegan (and thus dairy-free) bites from popular blogger Ella Mills are best when chilled for at least 30 minutes after making, but the hands-on is only 10 minutes. 

White chocolate bark

Bark is super simple to make and perfect any time of the year! Top it with whatever nuts, dried fruits or other decorative ideas take your fancy.

Something bigger

Wasp nest buns

"The buns should be plump and golden and dangerously inviting," says Olia Hercules of her stunning Ukranian  wasp nest buns (osyne gnizdo). The sweet yeast dough is sprinkled with sugar and crushed pecans before being rolled, sliced and baked. 

Wasp nest buns (osyne gnizdo)

Raisin and chocolate rolled brioche (gubana)

A wonderfully rich combination of walnuts, hazelnuts, pinenuts, raisins, orange and lemon zest, chocolate and sweet wine make up the filling in this snail-shaped bread from north-east Italy. 

Neapolitan sweet wheat berry and ricotta pie (pastiera Napoletana)

This is a rather unusual pie made with an array of ingredients that seem almost to have accidentally ended up together, but each on their own are symbolic and traditional to Naples. As a whole, they create an absolutely delicious concoction.

A rich, sweet Easter Sunday dessert.

Pastiera Napoletana is the ultimate cheesecake for celebrating Easter
From an ancient goddess and convent kitchens, the enchanting origins of a staple of Italian Easter celebrations.

Simple chocolate fudge cake

You can dress this fudgy cake up with fresh berries and a white choc drizzle, or just dust with icing sugar for a simple treat. 

Chorizo and egg pie (hornazo)

This meat pie comes in various guises across Spain. The hard-boiled eggs symbolise the resurrection of Christ. It can be served warm or at room temperature. 

Batches of buns

Classic hot cross buns 

Let's start with a classic recipe from the Feast magazine archives. These are made with apricots, sultanas and currants as the dried fruit mix ut you can use whatever dried fruit you like. And for those who don't like candied peel in your buns, this one is for you. 

Buns at the ready: this recipe and more is waiting here for you!

Dried cherry and chocolate hot cross buns

An updated version of the traditional favourite, these hot cross buns from SBS Food's Bakeproof columnist Anneka Manning are studded with chunks of dark chocolate and tart, dried cherries. You can find more of Anneka's Easter baking recipes here and here

Dried cherry and chocolate hot cross buns.

Sticky fruit buns

If you're looking for a recipe that uses a less refined sugar, these buns from Caroline Griffiths, from her book Incredible Bakes, fits the bill. The sweetness in these comes from rice malt syrup and the sultanas, raisins and dates in the dough. 

Sticky fruit buns

Buns with bush food flavours

For an Australian Indigenous twist on a European favourite, bush food specialist Rebecca Sullivan shared this recipe with NITV.  It incudes lemon myrtle in the spices and riberries and muntries instead of the usual sultanas and currents. 

Australian Native Hot Cross Buns by Rebecca Sullivan (Instagram / @grannyskills)

Something different

Infused salts

Looking for a different kind of gift? These infused salts will please a keen cook, and can be made with all kinds of infusions: rose petals; lavender; bay leaves and dried lemon peel; shaved truffle; chopped dried chillies; dried orange peel and fennel seeds; star anise and cloves. 

SBS Food  is celebrating easy Easter baking, 10am-noon every day from 10 to 13 April. Check the Guide for details. 

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