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Biscuits can be fiddly, cakes downright intimidating, but a slice is nice.
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There's a reason why slice recipes get passed down from generation to generation. You can have a slice mixed and in the oven in mere moments. No-bake versions don't even need the oven. Grandmothers across every culture have known this since forever. Most will have a few versatile slice recipes up their sleeve (alongside the requisite hanky) to pull out for unexpected company; hot days when it's too sticky to bake; a quick afternoon tea to celebrate a win; or to make for a Sunday morning treat with a cup of chai.

If you're advised to "press firmly into the tin", you know you're making a good slice, granny-style. Be sure to share these recipes with yours.

Gur cake

Use your stale bread to make this Dublin favourite. The prepared bread forms layers that sandwich a sweet, fruity mix. After an hour in the oven, the stale bread is transformed into a dense pastry that provides just the right amount of give when you bite into this moreish slice.

Marshmallow chocolate crackle

This no-bake chocolate sweet is everything we love about a slice. It's like chocolate crackles went for a stroll and decided to take the easy rocky road. That road leads to an afternoon treat that takes ten minutes tops to prepare.

Pecan chocolate and caramel squares

These fudgy little squares are perfect to serve when friends come over for a cuppa, for taking on a picnic, or for a simple sweet after a meal.

Salted caramel chocolate bars

"This delicious chocolate bar is sure to bring a smile to your face and your tummy, with no butter or white flour in sight. Instead, metabolism-boosting coconut oil, natural sweeteners and low-GI puffed brown rice make for a delicious treat that can be enjoyed without the guilt." Sally O’Neil, The Fit Foodie

Chocolate caramel slice

This has to be the perennial favourite... biscuit base, gooey caramel centre and chocolate topping is a combination made in heaven. This chocolate caramel slice has been given a little makeover with a feather-patterned topping.

Louise cake

This is one that kiwi nannas will already know. Anyone who grew up in the land of the long white cloud will no doubt have happy memories of this treasured slice. It's a symphony in three parts - a biscuit base of buttery shortbread, a generous smothering of jam, both topped off with a crispy coconut meringue.

Chocolate orange panforte

Panforte may translate as "strong bread", but if it bakes like a slice and cuts like a slice, it's a slice, right? As soon as we see the instructions "press firmly into the tin", it's a fair call. Panforte also shares all the humble convenience of a good slice: it's quick and easy to prepare, it's unbelievably good to eat, and it keeps for a month in the pantry.

Sri Lankan love cake

Billed as 'cake' but meeting all the criteria for a good slice, the love cake dates back to the Sri Lankan ancient spice trade. The cake itself is made from semolina and many eggs, creating a fragrant, sweet, lightly spiced cake with a moist chewy inside and a crunchy exterior.

Apricot slice

Snack on some guilt-free apricot slice and leave refined-sugary sweets behind!

Danish abrikosskiver is made with a mix dates, dried apricots, coconut and hazelnuts blended with a little honey and coconut oil. You pretty much throw the lot into a food processor and blitz it. Then do the slice thing and press it into a tin and leave to set in the fridge.

Chana magaj

Chana magaj is sweet, spiced, and textured, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of masala chai. A taste of this sweet slice will whisk you away to the bustling, sandalwood-scented temples of India in a heartbeat.

Chickpea fudge (besan ki burfi)

Chickpea flour, also known as besan flour, is a staple ingredient in Indian cooking. It is found in everything from batter, to sweets and even in many homemade beauty products. This chickpea fudge showcases the earthy flavour of besan flour mixed with ghee and condensed milk.

Ginger squares

This sweet slice is laden with ginger, seeds and coconut are a feast of flavour and texture. Ginger has medicinal value; it’s beneficial during the colder months as it keeps the body warm and helps to prevent coughs and colds. It also aids in reducing aggravated joint pain caused by arthritis during winter.

Chocolate peanut slice

Gluten-free, dairy-free and free of refined sugar. This isn't the kind of slice your oma/gran/baa-baa would be familiar with, so we think it's time you introduced her.

Honey and oat slice

This honey oat slice is a piece of cake (pardon the pun) to throw together.

Persian nut bars

“This is a really fab refined sugar-less healthy snack to make for the family – it also makes a great gift. I like to wrap the centres of the bars with a strip of baking paper tied on with kitchen string, so you can pick them up without getting sticky fingers.” Poh Ling Yeow, Poh & Co. 2

White chocolate, blackberry and rosemary mud slice

Complement your Scandi noir viewing with a Scandinavian dessert.

Often the boundary between cake and slice is nicely blurred. This raw food slice is the perfect example - it's poured, rather than pressed, into the tin, but it still comes out low and lovely and ready for slicing. There's a full tin of butter beans in this recipe, so it's an excellent example of health-meets-indulgence, too.

Merle's slice

Merle's slice recipe

It wouldn't be a true slice list without including at least one Country Women's Association recipe. Merle Parrish's slice is quintessentially CWA, too. It's completely addictive, made with pantry ingredients, budget-friendly and the lemon drizzle icing gives it that little bit extra.

Apple and sour cream slice

Fruit goes so well in a slice and apples are always a favourite. Matthew Evan's slice combines them with sour cream to up the sweet-tart flavour of this great afternoon tea pleaser. 

Avocado lime slice

Avocado and lime are a match made in dessert heaven thanks to this no-bake slice.

Coconut raspberry jam slice

This is similar to the classic coconut jam slice, except this one is gluten free and made with chia jam. It is slightly softer, but just as moreish. 

Lemon bars

Lemon bars are one of those ‘clever’ slices that combines a simple shortbread-like base and an intensely-tart/sweet lemon topping to create a memorable mouth puckering moment – old-fashioned yet slightly sophisticated, all at the same time.

Semolina slice

This is where slice meets dessert, because you could happily serve this one for afters at a dinner party. An aromatic sugar syrup, made with rosewater and orange blossom water, lends the yoghurt and semolina slice a heady fragrance.

Rice bar

The darling of cyclists for years, salt rice bars are little energy houses, presumably to fuel you smashing the Tour de France. If that's not quite your thing, we can assure you they make a delicious, nutrient-packed treat for us everyday folk too. There's also a savoury version with added bacon right here.

Vanilla slice


Vanilla Slice

Despite not mentioning those all important "press into the tin" words, no self-respecting slice list (for there are surely many) would fail to mention the delightfully sweet and custardy vanilla slice. So we did. 

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