We all know the old French adage - add more butter! But when some of our loved ones can’t have dairy, what is a cook to do? Here are our favourite versions of comforting classics that are usually loaded with butter, cream and milk - but contain no dairy!
11 May 2020 - 11:33 AM  UPDATED 11 May 2020 - 11:33 AM

Vegan choc peanut butter cake

This cake uses peanut butter and banana to serve you some luscious mud-cake realness. Bonus points? It’s even refined sugar, egg, AND gluten-free! Try making this unicorn of a cake here

Vegan choc penut butter cake

Chocolate peanut slice

There are just six ingredients in this slice, with puffed brown rice and roasted peanuts stirred into a mixture of dates, peanut butter and vanilla, then topped with melted chocolate. The dates are the secret to creating a gooey caramel while cutting back on processed sugar.

Steamed banana cake

This banana cake doesn’t quite have the same texture as say, a sponge cake, but the tapioca flour provides a springiness that is addictive all on its own. Bonus points, the sauce on the cake is also made with coconut cream, so our dairy-free friends don’t have to miss out!

Steamed banana cake

Melty mozzy

This recipe makes a savoury, melty “cheese” out of cashews and miso. Use it to replace cheese toppings and stuffings in your favourite recipes, like this spinach manicotti

Dark chocolate espresso mud cake

Coconut oil and almond milk take the place of butter and cow’s milk in this dark beauty. Just remember to use dairy-free chocolate when making the ganache as well! 

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mud Cake

Paul’s Mum’s ginger biscuits

Embrace true retro baking when you make Paul Hollywood’s mum’s biscuits (try saying that three times fast!) - which uses margarine instead of butter! This recipe uses ratios by weight, so if you’re apprehensive about using margarine, you can experiment with different fats as long as you keep it in the same weight! 

Choc mousse with berries

Can a mousse be dairy-free? We say it can! Avocado is our secret saviour here - its creamy flesh provides a luscious texture to the mousse, without needing cream. 

Choc avocado mousse

Dairy-free dreams
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Gluten-free and dairy-free vanilla cupcakes

Super simple, and equally delicious, these cupcakes with chocolate frosting are the perfect party cake for kids (both big and small) when gluten and dairy needs to be avoided – no more missing out on the fun stuff! 

Gluten-free and dairy-free banana, coconut and berry muffins

Often gluten-free muffins have little substance – they lack not only flavour but also texture. These ones however, thanks to a clever combination of gluten-free flours, along with three forms of coconut and loads of fruit, will not disappoint.

Dairy-free flourless chocolate cake

This dairy-free, flourless number is the Jewish Passover dessert of choice.

Dairy-free Black Forest popsicles

You know Black Forest cake, right? That delicious German creation stuffed with chocolate, cream and cherries? Well, this recipe is the same, except there’s no dairy and I skipped the maraschino cherries, which taste like cough syrup. Instead, I used a sour cherry compote and topped it all with dark chocolate shavings. I’m telling ya, this is good.