• Spring rolls resemble gold bars, signifying wealth and prosperity. (Macau Gourmet with Justine Schofield)Source: Macau Gourmet with Justine Schofield
Love the cracking crunch of a fried roll? From Vietnamese pork rolls to oozy sweet numbers, here's how to DIY that goodness.
22 May 2020 - 12:44 PM  UPDATED 26 May 2020 - 2:06 PM

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If you like crunch when you munch, you can't go past a spring roll. Here are some of our favourites - sweet and savoury!

Southern Vietnamese spring rolls (cha gio)

It's not hard to make top-notch spring rolls at home, as this recipe from Tai Nguyen for crispy pork and mushroom rolls shows. 

Vietnamese fried spring rolls

If you like a chunkier style, try this recipe from Lisa Nguyen, filled with egg, pork, shrimp, crab meat, noodles and a bunch of flavourings. With a bowl of her nuoc cham sauce, you'll be in dip and crunch heaven. 

How to make Vietnamese spring rolls.

Crab spring rolls

Justine Schofiled was inspired to whip up her take on the classic after a visit to Macau, home to many great spring roll variations. There's a lot of flavour going on inside these crisp, crunchy numbers!

Spring rolls resemble gold bars, signifying wealth and prosperity.

Grilled pork and spring roll noodle salad (bun cha)

We can't talk spring rolls without incuding bun cha, the classic Vietnamese spring roll salad. This version combines the golden rolls with pork meatballs, rice noodles, fresh herbs and a sweet and spicy sauce. 

Mexican-style Chiko Roll

A Mexican/American twist on the Aussie classic, which was in turn inspired by Asian spring rolls! This recipe has slow-cooked beef barbacoa filling inside a corn or flour tortilla casing.

Mexican-style Chiko Roll

Banana spring rolls with butterscotch sauce

"This is a fabulous recipe for people who are not very good at making desserts," says Poh of this sweet take on spring rolls. "This reminds me very much of a Malaysian goreng pisang – a street snack of banana that's battered and deep-fried. Imagine the oozy sweetness of banana and butterscotch coming from beneath layers of crispy skin, shattering with every mouthful." 

Caramel banana spring rolls (turon)

There's something brilliant about the combination of banana and golden pastry, and here's another example. If you love banana fritters for breakfast, then try this recipe for sweet Filipino caramelised banana spring rolls. Popular as a street snack, they’re easy to make, and you can alter the filling as you desire. Try adding a bit of shaved chocolate!

Custard spring rolls with orange syrup

"Chinese New Year is full of food-related symbolism. Two of the most common ingredients are spring rolls and oranges. Spring rolls are said to resemble gold bars with their shape and golden colour, while the Cantonese word for ‘orange’ is a homophone for the word for ‘wealth’. This dessert combines both ingredients for a sweet treat that’s as lucky as it is delicious," says Adam Liaw.

More ways to get a roll on
Walnut-stuffed pancakes

These crunchy, walnut-filled, deep-fried, syrupy parcels will have you dreaming about them long after you taste them. 

Sweet cheese rolls

These soft, creamy pillows are perfect with a cup of coffee or for a light dessert, and make a unique bring-a-plate idea for your next gathering.

Cheeseburger spring rolls

These clever, crunchy spring rolls are filled with a mixture of beef, mustard, mozzarella and onion, which means you get the convenience of a finger food and the flavours of a cheeseburger.

Tom yum sausage rolls

A Thai twist on one of Australia’s favourite meaty pastries. The lemongrass and ginger add zing, while the shrimp paste adds to that salty-umami flavour we all love. #BringBackTheClassics

Fried honey rolls (thiples)

Traditionally made for celebrations and special occasions, these deep-fried pastries drizzled with honey are also known as diples. They are made throughout Greece and the shapes vary across the country, from bow ties to curly spirals.

Fried pork rolls in bean curd skin (lor bak)

These bean curd rolls are a popular snack during Lunar New Year celebrations. Filled with pork, water chestnuts and leek, they’re delicious served with a cold beer.

Tempura avocado rolls

This recipe combines Japanese and Thai flavours. Avocado and other fillings are wrapped in eggplant slices, then dipped in tempura batter and fried until crispy.