Basil, parmesan, pine nuts, garlic and good olive oil mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
2 Jun 2020 - 11:04 AM  UPDATED 2 Jun 2020 - 11:18 AM

How to make pesto from anything
This flexible formula will help you use up all kinds of greens, nuts, seeds and cheeses.

1. Indian chicken curry with cauliflower rice

What's that? You weren't expecting an Indian curry on this list? Well, prepare to be amazed as the coriander pesto adds a whole other dimension of taste and texture to this dish. Bonus: the cauliflower 'rice' is suitable for your paleo buddies. 

2. Pesto corn on the cob

Corn cob, crispy cheese crumb, homemade pesto - this is one extremely delicious way to get your veg! The pesto calls for chia seeds, not pine nuts, so those with an allergy don't have to miss out on the good stuff.

Pesto corn on the cob

3. Stuffed salmon with broccoli and pickled avocado salad

Essentially a salmon sandwich with an incredible pistachio pesto complete with garlic and lemon in the middle, there's no better way to enjoy this popular fish. 

4. Pizza three ways

Anyone who truly knows pizza knows that 'less is more'. Keeping to a few simple flavours makes for the best results, and what better flavour than pesto? Feel free to mix things up with your favourite veg.

Paul West's Pizza three ways

5. Pot chicken with pesto

If chicken soup is good for the soul, then pot chicken with pesto is exactly what the doctor ordered. Control the consistency by adding more oil for a runnier pesto.

Make your own pesto
Basil pesto (pesto alla genovese)

While it is readily available in jars from supermarkets, basil pesto is simple to master at home. There are generally only five ingredients - basil, of course, pine nuts and garlic, plus olive oil and parmesan. This recipe uses the traditional method of pounding using a mortar and pestle, but some pesto recipes suggest using a food processor to speed up the preparation time.

6. Roots and leaves buckwheat bowl

Why throw away carrot tops when you can instead blend them into a smashing pesto?! Use your delicious creation to pull together a bowl of wholesome brekkie goodness.

Roots and leaves buckwheat bowl

7. Pesto lamb skewers

Can you imagine anything more heavenly than a skewer of tender roast lamb that's been coated generously in a fresh, homemade pesto? No, neither can we. 

Pesto lamb skewers

8. Grilled miso eggplant and haloumi burgers

Give your pesto an Aussie kick with this burger that features a coriander, macadamia and chilli version of the world's best sauce. And with the eggplant and haloumi, no one will be missing the meat.

9. Peruvian-style spaghetti pesto (tallarines verdes)

Creamier and milder than the Italian version, Peru knows how to do a pesto pasta that hits the spot. Scouting out queso fresco (a cow's milk cheese) is very much worth it, giving the dish a beautiful consistency.

10. Barbecued pizza with roasted cherry tomato and garlic scape pesto

Garlic scape, the flower stalk of the garlic plant, makes for a very lively pesto that's only made even better thanks to the lemon and pepitas. With this, you can go easy on the toppings, the pesto's done the heavy lifting.

11. Rolled veal with Warrigal greens pesto

It takes very few ingredients to make this beautiful veal dish. Warrigal greens make for a top-notch pesto - you'll never buy it in jar form ever again.

12. Ribbon egg pasta with prawns and pesto (trenette al pesto)

Genovese pesto, which features both pecorino and parmesan cheeses, has to be a strong contender for the cream of the crop. Whiz up your own then pick up a packet of fresh egg linguine and some fresh, local prawns for a pasta to remember.

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