Hands ups if you love haloumi?
7 Dec 2016 - 3:59 PM  UPDATED 9 Jun 2020 - 12:26 PM

Your relationship is about to go next level with these recipes.

1. Baked eggplant with haloumi & kasseri

A great reason to make moussaka, this vego version doesn't compromise on flavour.

2. Baked chicken with haloumi

With a high melting point, haloumi makes an excellent roasting ingredient and this chicken bake is an easy weeknight roast.

3. Turkish flatbread with (you guessed it) haloumi

It's like a cheesy hug. Haloumi makes a great topping for this moreish flatbread, which is perfect for wrapping, dipping and sopping.

Turkish flatbread (bazlama)

4. Grilled miso eggplant and haloumi burgers

Miso eggplant and grilled haloumi are a wonderful pair and this burger makes easy vegetarian fare pop.

5. Lebanese za'atar pizza

Wrap 'n' roll your haloumi right now with this breakfast pizza.

6. Mushrooms burgers with smoky aubergine sauce

Rachel Khoo gives us all the classic trimming of a regular burger, including the chips in this easy stack that replaces your buns with mushrooms.

7. Greek chicken and rice pie

Bringing together some of Greece's most popular ingredients - silverbeet, haloumi, Kalamatta olives, rice and filo... say no more.

Greek chicken and rice pie

8. Haloumi, mint and preserved lemon cigars

This recipe taps into minty and zesty flavours. Pack your cigars tightly and char them to get that lovely golden colour on the outside. 

9. Crab and haloumi tart with sour cream pastry

What a treat! With a sour cream pastry and a crab and haloumi filling, this tart is all kinds of exciting; don't forget the aioli! 

10. Flaounes

Enough to make 50 pieces of pastry delight, the key to the Food Safari's Cypriot bread is all in the preparation.

11. Lebanese cucumber, watermelon & haloumi salad 

Refreshing, bright and full of texture, this haloumi salad combines sweet charry watermelon with crunchy cucumber.

Lebanese cucumber, watermelon & haloumi salad

12. Grilled haloumi salad

Good-quality haloumi is the key to making this simple dish absolutely sing! Watch Shane Delia show us how it's done.

13. Honey, thyme and lemon with buckwheat

Quick to cook, high in protein and with an earthy, nutty flavour, buckwheat and haloumi team-up to upgrade your dinner!

14. Haloumi with baba ganoush

Matthew Evans takes your eggplant to a smoky place with this bowl of baba ganoush goodness, perfect for those peckish afternoons where you just want to scoop up something with that flatbread!

Haloumi with baba ganoush and pomegranate dressing

15. Honey haloumi with pickled fennel and pomegranate salsa

The pomegranate and pistachio salsa will have you dancing in the kitchen.


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