• Flamenco eggs (huevos a la flamenco) (BBC Books / James Murphy)Source: BBC Books / James Murphy
Here's an ode to the humble egg, made not-so-humble in a Greek polenta pie, bacon & egg lasagne and the duly famous Spanish potato tortilla.
5 Jun 2017 - 10:02 AM  UPDATED 1 Jul 2020 - 1:13 AM

It's the mind-bending and much-appreciated gift from birds to humans, and we're all about extending its presence beyond poached, sunny-side up and scrambled.

1. Just add eggs

This asparagus, polenta and feta pie is so easy it hurts. In essence, it's your typical quiche, but made Greek thanks to the addition of yoghurt and feta. We like it 'cause the polenta is mighty filling and cut into squares, it becomes a week's worth of lunches for the fam.

Asparagus, polenta and feta pie (kourkouto)

2. Rolling with the punches

This Korean-style rolled omelette is typically made with one or two types of chopped vegetables. But the filling options are endless, including onion, mushroom, ham, bacon, zucchini, carrot and tuna.

3. Dance the dance

Flamenco eggs or huevos a la flamenco is what you might call Spain on a plate, a sum-up dish of everything we love about Spanish cooking: serrano ham, chorizo, pimentón, tomatoes, garlic and onion. 

Flamenco eggs (huevos a la flamenco)

4. A good poach is everything

If you're a hands-in-the-air fan of agedashi tofu, make time for this panko-crusted tofu with bacon dashi. It's a modernised version of the original, and calls for a ladle of salty bacon broth, and a square of tofu crowned with a poached egg.

5. Make like the Spanish...

and perfect the classic tortilla! Made with four simple ingredients and a deep non-stick pan, this tortilla's packed with pink-eye potato (any waxy variety will do), and Matthew Evans' addition of broccoli adds a hint of greenery to the crisp, golden mass of egg.

Tortilla calls!

6. BFFS with salad

This broad bean, anchovy and pea salad can go from side dish to main just like that! The broad beans and peas are bright green flavours that burst through the richness of the anchovy while the radicchio adds a slightly bitter edge, keeping it all interesting. 

Broad beans, peas, anchovy and soft-boiled egg

7. Great leftovers

‘Breakfast’, ‘lunch’, ‘dinner’ – why do we have to have so many labels for things? This bacon & egg lasagne laughs in the face of outmoded ideas of categorisation and is equally awesome eaten at any time of day or night.

8. Easy does it

In this Chinese recipe, boiled eggs are simmered in a mixture of oolong tea, soy sauce, ginger, star anise and more. This savoury sensation is served with goji berries, five-spice pressed tofu and steamed rice. Via Feast magazine

9. Put it on a sambo

Toasted sandwiches rarely deviate from the excellent yet tired ham-cheese-tomato variety. In this recipe, pan-fried white bread sandwiches a soft-egg omelette, mayo, carrot, ham and a teaspoon of sugar (in Korea, everything is sweet). Oh, and the addition of cabbage lends a lovely crunch.

10. Hide it in a parcel

A galette is basically a savoury crêpe. This version with ham and eggs (galettes jambon oeuf) is a simple enough recipe, though there is great skill in getting the crêpe super thin, so factor in a few goes to master it.

11. Egg + eggplant = gooood

Eggplant is abundant in the Philippines and, for this reason, this smoky eggplant omelette (tortang talong) is a much-loved staple. Keep the eggplant stems for their fancy aesthetic and serve with steamed rice and vinegar on the side.

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