We're the first to put our hands up for fried chicken, but come Fourth of July, we're swapping drumsticks for corn dogs, and gettin' down with our Yankee slang.
2 Jul 2014 - 5:58 PM  UPDATED 3 Jul 2020 - 1:02 PM

1. “You just won some brownie points”

Peanut butter and jelly is a popular American combo, but these choc and PB brownies from Feast take deliciousness to a whole other level. The nutty spread is mixed in the chocolate batter AND drizzled over, all warm and gooey.

2. “Hot diggety dog!”

Sausages mightn’t be an American invention, but corn dogs sure are. First sold at a Texas fair in 1942, the liberally battered meaty treats are now a celebration essential.

Via Feast magazine

3. “Easy as pie”

Salted caramel, apple and cranberry… ain’t nothin’ more American than that!

Recipe from Apt. 2B Baking Co. via Pantry Confidential.

For many of us, the golden crust is the best part of a pie!

4. “You’re a hard nut to crack”

Did you know America is the world’s main producer of popcorn? The crop is grown in 25 states… and eaten in all 50! Give the snack an Independence Day makeover with this maple bacon, cashew nut and cheat’s caramel clusters.

5. “Don’t be a turkey!”

Eat one instead. Benjamin Franklin opposed the bald eagle’s status as the USA’s national bird. For him, the native turkey“though a little vain and silly” was a true “Bird of Courage”.

Via Feast magazine

6. “Gimme the whole enchilada”

So it’s actually a deep-fried burrito, but let’s forget semantics, 4th of July is a party, not a classroom! With chipotle-braised chicken and tart, green tomato salsa, our chimichanga mean business.

7. “When life gives you lemons…”

Make like a Shaker and bake a heavenly lemon tart. Celebrating the best of America’s mid-west – a place of citrus trees and religious types – this pie is pretty divine.

Via Feast magazine

8. “Roll with the punches”

It wouldn’t be a party without a zesty bowl of punch. This adults-only beverage, affectionately dubbed by FeastDean Martin’s punch-drunk love”, features white rum, Aperol, elderflower liqueur and grapefruit and orange juice mix.

9. “Let’s ride the gravy train”

A little Yankee decoding: “biscuits” are a scone-like staple in the South, often served with shredded brisket and milk gravy. Sound gut-busting? It is, but let’s not spoil the American dream just yet.

Via Feast magazine


10. “Wanna hit the sauce?”

Move over mustard; kick the can, ketchup; this is the decade of hot sauce. Encouraged by the nation’s rising immigrant population, spicy foods are infiltrating American menus. Serve your fiery condiments with fried snacks, like these clams from Feast.

11. “Bring home the bacon”

Spiked with bourbon, bacon and sea salt, this brittle is the perfect take-home treat for guests. The toffee is so tasty you’re guaranteed to bring it back for Thanksgiving. And Halloween. And Christmas.

Via For the Love of the South

12. “Well, that takes the cake”

Red velvet layer cake with fresh raspberries and mascarpone icing. It’s a mouthful, to say the least. Sprinkle some fresh blueberries over your crimson-coloured slice, and barrack for you know who.

Via the food dept.

Red velvet layer cake with fresh raspberries and mascarpone icing

For more recipes that cut the mustard, check out our Fourth of July collection here.

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