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Light, golden, flaky pastry... we're just going to leave these right here.
8 Jul 2020 - 10:55 AM  UPDATED 8 Jul 2020 - 10:59 AM

Let’s face it, most of us are just too flat out to make puff pastry. Luckily, there are good quality pre-made products out there to work with and we're celebrating the power of puff. From the savoury to the sweet, here's how you can rise to the occasion every single time. 

1. Spinach and pine nut rolls

Word to the wise - these rolls can be made in advance, sliced and frozen, ready to be baked at a later date when you don’t feel like cooking. Who said time-poor wasn't delicious? Not Michael Rantissi or Kristy Frawley...

Spinach and pine nut rolls

2. Chicken curry pie

So many wonderful foods rely on a great puff pastry and we're looking at this chicken curry pie for flaky inspo. Melbourne's Tivoli Road Bakery takes a spiced chicken curry and encases it in prime pastry - all the good things are coming together here.

Chicken curry pie

3. Vego 'sausage' rolls

Filled with lentils, quinoa and spices, you'll forget about the meat versions of the classic snag roll pretty quickly once you've tried these. #RecipeForLife

Vegetarian 'sausage' rolls

4. Crab and coconut samosas

This is a luxurious spin on the much loved spiced potato pastry. You can use frozen crab meat, so long as your coconut is fresh, to give these samosas their signature sweet and slightly nutty flavour.

5. Mushroom vols-au-vent

Taking its name, meaning ‘windblown’ in French, from its light-as-air pastry, this version houses a creamy mix of mushrooms and thyme and is sublime alongside a glass of red.

6. Portuguese custard tarts

Traditionally made with a sugar syrup-based custard (such as this one), this #Bakeproof recipe for heavenly tarts uses a simpler, more stable custard. Easier to make, without compromising on the deliciously rich filling. How many can you do?

Portuguese custard tarts (pastéis de nata)

7. Vanilla slice

Vanilla slice seems to be one of those bakery goodies that's always bought and never made. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make, though... and how utterly delicious it is when you do. The trick is to make sure the pastry is well baked and deep golden colour. 

Vanilla Slice

8. Eccles cakes

The addictive combination of spiced dried fruits encased in a buttery flaky pastry has withstood the test of time, and Eccles cakes are the perfect pairing with your afternoon cuppa.

9. Sour cherry strudel

These sweet German pies, known as weichselstrudel, have a sticky, jam-like filling of sour cherries. They’re sprinkled with sugar and flaked almonds, then baked until golden. The aroma that fills your kitchen is reason enough to bake these!

10. Chocolate milly filly

Have you only eyes for mille-feuille? Its beauty lies in the classic principle of simple flavours and textures executed perfectly - well-caramelised puff pastry sandwiched with oozy, silky vanilla custard. This is a chocolate version from Poh Ling Yeow and while rolling you're on ruff puff is a little fiddly, it's worth all the love this pastry has to offer.

11. Upside-down peach tart

With only 5 ingredients, this summertime tart is a great way to showcase ripe and juicy peaches for your next dinner party soiree, or simply as a "just because" dessert.

BONUS: Braid your block of choc

If you want to give puff pastry from scratch a crack, check out this recipe from Melbourne's Tivoli Road Bakery, that should work a treat. Want more pastry power in your life? Check out our collection here. 

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