• Armenian baklava (Sharyn Cairns)Source: Sharyn Cairns
From ice-cream sambos and coin-sized cookies to traditional Turkish treats, here are the best baklava bakes.
4 Aug 2020 - 11:02 AM  UPDATED 4 Aug 2020 - 11:06 AM

Another day, another reason to think pastry. Sticky-sweet, crunchy and nutty, there are plenty of reasons why baklava is globally adored and here are our favourite nutty stacks that'll get you in a bright baklava mood.

1. Pistachio pop

This beautiful (and very practical) pistachio classic, will make any morning or afternoon tea session pop! Get the recipe here.

2. Double the fun

Combining two dessert favourites - baklava & ice-cream, this recipe takes the classic pastry sensation to a creamy caramel place.

3. Classic crunch

A great one from the Food Safari archives: The sound of the hot syrup as it’s poured onto the hot pastry is one of the best things, only surpassed by the sound of your first crunchy bite into this golden delicacy. Get this fantastic recipe here.

4. An easy bake

This is a very weeknight-friendly recipe and is a great recipe if you have filo pastry at home begging to be baked. 

5. Syrupy senses

A thick syrup of sugar and rosewater finishes off the layers of filo pastry and pistachio nuts. Perfectly sweet bites for entertaining and alongside your coffee. Get Abla Amad's baklawa recipe right here.

6. Not your average sanga

Ice-cream sandwich lovers rejoice! Inspired by the popular Turkish baklava with kaymak (clotted cream), this buttery and silky stack is a taste sensation and perfect for those warmer days and balmy nights.

7. Look to the cookie!

If cookies were a currency, these would be gold! These baklava-inspired pucks are weighted with nuts and bound-up with honey and butter. Trade your cookies wisely! 

8. Deconstructed genius

Based around a parfait-style dessert, Shane Delia's frozen cashew baklava certainly has the wow factor!

9. Roses that tug at your heartstrings

This dessert is a syrup lover's dream and is best served with black coffee (kahva) to balance out the sweetness. Ruzice gets its name because once you cut and turn the layered pastry pieces onto a tray they resemble the rosebud - doubly-sweet!

10. Orange and rose come to tea

Who doesn’t love the swooning moment of biting into freshly baked baklava with its golden layers of pastry, spiced nuts and fragrant syrup? This version is from Armenian home cook Arpy Iskikian who likes to brew her cinnamon and cloves as a tea before adding to the syrup which uses heavenly orange blossom water and rosewater.

Armenian baklava

11. A tale of two loves

What's not to LOVE! Custard and baklava, all wrapped up in filo and finished with fennel-spiced walnuts. Where do we sign...?

Baklava with a custard filling

12. If baklava had an interpretive dance this would be it 

This dessert plate plays with those traditional baklava flavours and elements we all love. Here crisp cinnamon-sugared filo shards are served with cashew nut ice-cream and toasted sesame marshmallow. You'll be licking the plate clean!

Baklava with cashew nut ice-cream

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