Good things take time and food is no exception. Whether you stew, braise, roast or simmer, here's how you can go scrumptious by taking it nice and easy.
5 Aug 2020 - 6:45 PM  UPDATED 5 Aug 2020 - 6:45 PM

2-3 hours

1. Kangaroo rogan josh

The classic Indian curry, rogan josh, gets an Australian feel with the addition of kangaroo. But don't think it's purely a meaty affair! Chickpeas, tomato and spinach add a wholesome quality to the hearty dish.

2. Georgian beef soup

This soup is an intriguing mix of big, sour and tangy flavours - beef, saffron, walnuts and tomatoes all come to play.

3. Slow-roasted organic lamb

Roasting a whole lamb on an open fire will take a bit of practice, you could also spit roast the lamb or even roast a leg or shoulder of lamb in your oven or covered barbecue. It’s simple and tasty and the saltbush makes a stunning accompaniment.  

Slow-cooked lamb shoulder

4. Slow-cooked beef and tomato with gnocchi

Homemade gnocchi is a revelation. They’re little pillows that soak up sauce readily, like this simple but excellent braised beef.

5. Baked sweet potato

This is a Southern soul food dish that is simple to make and so satisfying. Making this is more of an old-school process than an exact recipe; we have made rough suggestions but follow your instincts and taste as you go.

6. Lamb tagine with couscous

Morocco has a long history of beekeeping and this tfaya, an accompaniment of honey-spiked caramelised onions is often added to tagines, but also makes a satisfying meal with just couscous.

Couscous has a long history in the region.

Japanese pancake with crispy trotters (okonomiyaki)

"Okonomiyaki is a savoury Japanese pancake that’s great for using small amounts of leftover meat. Pork belly is popular, but if you want to adopt a nose-to-tail approach to eating, let’s start thinking about using other bits, like pork trotters. Ask your butcher for the front legs of the pig, which are meatier than the back legs. If trotters are too much of a leap, you could substitute them with a pork knuckle." Matthew Evans, For the Love of Meat

Goat hotpot with white beans and chorizo

Say olé to this hearty Spanish hotpot, cooked slowly in the oven until the goat is tender and succulent.

Vietnamese spareribs with chile

You can order different sauces, but my favorite is the chile and lemongrass. To bring you those flavors and textures, I steam-bake the ribs until tender and then broil and baste them with a puree of lemongrass, chiles, soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, and sugar. A little rice on the side is perfect.

Olive oil poached octopus with cayenne pepper

New season Picual extra virgin olive oil is my choice here as it carries a nice amount of pepperiness and a delightfully fresh green tomato vine-like flavour to finish. The oil's robustness stands up to the spice of the cayenne pepper and the ocean saltiness of the octopus.

Braised beef noodle soup

Combining tender beef cheeks and just-blanched bok choy with a lush, layered broth, this easy Taiwanese dish makes for a hearty and wholesome dinner. Try the slow-cooked wonder on the weekend and swap Sunday roast for hearty noodle soup.

3-6 hours

13. Xi'an burger

These spicy burgers originated on the streets of Xi’an, a city in north-west China. They are stuffed full of slow-cooked lamb heavily spiced with cumin and an abundance of fiery chillies.

14. Slow-roasted whole truss tomatoes 

Meat and bones aren't the only things that can withstand a long roasting and emerge at the other end, supple and aromatic. Vegetables are amazing when given a bit of time. Check out these still-pert oregano and caraway sprinkled tomatoes that are fresh from a three-hour-long roasting. Perfection.

15. Braised beef cheeks with ginger and lemongrass

Winter is the perfect time to cook sticky, gelatinous beef cheeks. In this recipe, they’re flavoured with a few Asian ingredients, which add more aroma and zing than most European versions.

Braised beef cheeks with ginger and lemongrass

16. Lamb pappardelle 

While this well-behaved lamb slowly prepares itself to be tossed through pappardelle with green olives and almonds, we guarantee a little free time up your sleeve, because your dinner is essentially autonomous.

17. The vampire slayer ramen express

This is an express ramen recipe that uses 44 cloves of garlic - yep, we're serious! Call it the ramen with 44 cloves of garlic. Mandy Lee calls it The Vampire Slayer.

18. Braised veal cheeks with grilled polenta

Divide grilled polenta squares among shallow bowls and top with braised veal cheeks and cabbage leaves. This one will quickly become a favourite on the low and slow front.

19. Moussaka

With slow-cooked shredded lamb, eggplant and a béchamel sauce enriched with kefalograviera (hard, sheep’s milk cheese), this moussaka puts a cheesy grin on our faces.

Nyonya beef lemak

“Singapore’s original fusion food, Nyonya cuisine, also known as Peranakan, features strong Malay and Indonesian influences with its use of spices and coconut milk. In this recipe, beef shin results in a beautifully tender meat, whilst the coconut milk and candlenuts make a moreish sauce.” Adam Liaw, Destination Flavour Singapore

Slow roast leg of lamb with tomatoes

After five hours in the oven, the lamb will literally fall off the bone, and the aromas that fill your kitchen will have you coming back to this gorgeous roast again and again.

Beef shin stewed with carrots (jarret de boeuf aux carrots)

Gabriel is in the Limousin, renowned for its famous French breed of Limousin beef. He meets the top chef of Limoges and his butcher who tell him why the beef is so good. 

French onion pho soup (soupe a l’oignon à la Viêtnamienne)

Here I have taken two of the best-loved classic soups of both France and Vietnam and combined them. This is not fusion cooking — history and culture made it happen.

Taiwanese pork ragu on rice (lu rou fan)

This is typically called lu-rou-fan, meaning braised pork (lu-rou) on rice (fan). It’s a generic and sometimes misleading name because, to be more accurate, it is also called rou-zao-fan, meaning braised pork belly with fried shallots (rou-zao) on rice (fan).

Slow simmered pork belly in shoyu and black sugar (butaniku no kakuni)

Introduced to Japan from China, this dish, also called rafute, is tender as butter and has a lovely sweet shoyu flavour.

6+ hours

26. 6-hour lamb Kashmir shanks

Slow cooking is the perfect way to enjoy cheap cuts of meat with maximum flavour and nutrition. The inclusion of a few bones will make any leftovers the perfect base to a delicious soup. Nothing is wasted and everything gained in these saucy shanks.

27. Pulled pork

9 hours of roasting and this melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork comes to life. Serve it with BBQ sauce and any of your favourites sides - coleslaw, roast potatoes or simple flatbread, all do great things.

So could pulled pork be on the menu?

28. Smoked lamb forequarter 

The secret to cooking with coals and to capture the essence of the smoky flavours is to have no flame and just the glowing embers,’ he says. This is a recipe in two stages – the whole lamb forequarter, which is smoked in the oven on a low heat, then sealed up to cook slowly. Melting perfection...

29. Beef shin daube

Beef shin is an excellent cut of meat for slow-cooking and this recipe from Matthew Evans showcases classic casserole flavours in carrot, celery, onion and red wine. Serve any excess sauce with pasta tomorrow.

Beef shin daube

30. Baked pasta

This is a hearty rustic Italian dish perfect for large family gatherings. The recipe takes about 7 hours to prepare, but if you get organised and prepare all the elements ahead it's a great way to cater for large numbers. You could cook the ragu the day before and the flavour will be even better. 

Keep it slow by checking out over 200 recipes in our collection here.

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