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Easy tiramisu, fudgy tarts, mocha popcorn and espresso mud cake - the life and times of coffee and chocolate are always entertaining.
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Chocolate, coffee and raisin rolls

Even though these rolls are based on a scone dough, they resemble more a cakey biscuit. Finished in a coffee icing, you'll probably find yourself sneaking an extra slice!

Hazelnut and chocolate kiss cookies

Imagine roasted nuts, brown sugar and coffee in a shortbread-style biscuit, sandwiched with bittersweet chocolate icing. Now stop imagining and get baking.

Chocolate self-saucing pudding

This classic is best made in a large dish, but individual puddings can be more fun. If you decide to make small puddings, divide the mixture between 4 x 500 ml ovenproof dishes and cook for 25–30 mins. Leave plenty of room to top up with the coffee, as this becomes your sauce and a satisfying one at that.

Dreams are made of this...

Baked chocolate and coffee tart

This tart is texture heaven - a crisp tart shell filled with luxuriously smooth chocolate and coffee filling, all topped with crumbled hazelnut dacquoise.

Baked chocolate and coffee fudge tart

Easy tiramisu

Laced with coffee and liqueur, it's ideal for entertaining, as it can be prepared well in advance. Meaning "pick me up" in Italian, this version of the classic dessert is sure to do just that. 

Easy tiramisu

Chocolate cupcakes

The Chocolate Queen herself gives us a banger of a cupcake recipe. The chocolate ganache topping is a divine topper and it can be coated on with a knife or piped in an elegant pattern or swirl.

Chocolate espresso and hazelnut tart

This is the perfect example of why it's always a good idea to bake a chocolate tart. The orange zest cuts through the chocolate-and-coffee filling. Consider it a triple-threat.

Stefano Manfredi's Chocolate espresso and hazelnut tart is a simple way to add a taste of Italy to your Easter spread.

Lamington trifle

This is a play on lamington flavours: chocolate and coffee chiffon cake layered with whipped cream and raspberry sauce,  garnished with crunchy coconut toffee.

Lamington trifle

Coffee eclairs

Dip each of the choux pastries into the coffee icing, wiping away any excess with your finger - the perfect taste-testing utensil. Fill the centres with crème Chantilly, then drizzle lines of melted chocolate over the top of each eclair. Consider this a coffee and pastry bonanza. 

Mocha popcorn and sesame brittle

We've injected a caffeine hit into this bittersweet chocolate and coffee-flavoured popcorn. The key is to toss the popcorn while it's piping hot to create a candy-like chocolate shell on the popcorn and to get the sesame praline pieces to stick.

Dark chocolate espresso mud cake

This decadent gluten-free chocolate cake also has hidden veggies too!

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mud Cake


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