This barbecue season, do some globe-trotting grilling.
7 Oct 2020 - 9:03 AM  UPDATED 12 Jan 2021 - 4:28 PM

Grab the tongs and get set: every corner of the globe has their own way of firing up flavours and the 'cue is a great way to take your tastebuds on tour. Here are nine ideas to get you started, from Maeve O'Meara and guests on Food Safari Fire, and Watts on the Grill's Spencer Watts. 

Grilled butter chicken

"Butter chicken on the barbecue mightn't be traditional, but this has all the essence and TLC of a good butter chicken," says Spencer Watts. The result is delicious: the chicken is super tender, the char is great and the marinade gives it heaps of flavour. 

Malaysian satay

The fragrant marinade in Simon Goh's recipe, featured in Food Safari Fire, can be used with beef or chicken. The satay sauce makes plenty to serve with the skewers and more, so you can freeze the extra for next time. 

Chilean marinated pork belly (asado)

“The joy of this recipe is just how easy it is – a handful of ingredients to marinate the pork belly and build beautiful flavours, then simply cooking over charcoal to bring it a smoky meltingly tender result,” says Maeve O'Meara of this recipe, shared by Nelson Burgos.

Beef in betel leaf

Golden syrup. lemongrass and Chinese five-spice are three of the key ingredients in this Food Safari Fire recipe from Vietnamese cook Ben Nguyen,

Cauliflower steaks

Skhug, a Middle Eastern green sauce, is the perfect partner with grilled cauliflower steaks in this recipe from Spencer Watts. 

Onglet steak with biryani spices

A truly global recipe: A south African chef in Australia, sharing a recipe for steak rubbed with a mix of spices inspired an Indian dish. Duncan Welgemoed's recipe requires a few hours of marinating time, but the cooking is done in under 10 minutes. 

Braai time: onglet steak with biryani spices

Tandoori chicken

"Kumar Mahadevan is a master of spicing and this mix, to create juicy, delicious chicken, is one of his best recipes. The yoghurt marinade helps tenderise the chicken,” says Maeve O'Meara of this colourful dish.

Oak-smoked pulled pork

You don't need a special smoker to channel all the rich flavour and falling-apart meat of American low-and-slow barbecue: in this recipe, Spencer Watts smokes the pork on the barbecue, using oak chips in foil packets. 

Adana kebab

In Turkey, every region, city and even village has its own kebab (or kebap) recipe, but Adana in the south-east is world-renowned. Somer Sivrioglu shares this version in Food Safari Fire

Sephardic Jewish cuisine comprises dishes like kebabs.

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More great grilling
Paneer and vegetable skewers

Paneer, a fresh white cheese, is a joy to grill and with this sauce as a marinade and some simple vegetables, it makes an amazing barbeque meal.

Mexican fish tacos

Fish tacos are a Californian classic, taking inspiration from wonderful Mexican heat and spice. If you don’t want to fire up the barbecue, the fish can easily be cooked on a grill pan.

Grilled cinnamon toast fruit kebabs

Bananas, strawberry, cinnamon toast, a little bit of a char on the barbeque, and then drizzled in white and dark chocolate: these are delicious and fun to make, too. Great for kids - or your inner child!

Grilled haloumi

Grilled haloumi, aka 'squeaky cheese', is as at home on a breakfast plate or mezze platter as it is as a meat substitute in a burger or kebab. 

Bai-style grilled pork

This popular Bai dish, known as “sheng pi” – literally, raw skin – has a long history. Marco Polo even reported on it after visiting Yunnan in the 13th century. He wrote, “The gentry also eat their meat raw; but they have it minced very small, put in garlic sauce flavoured with spices and then eat it as readily as we eat cooked meat”. Thankfully for those of us who find the idea of raw pork unpalatable, there is a cooked version where the meat is fried in rapeseed oil before being finely shaved. This version is known as “zhu sheng pi”, or “cooked raw pork”. Destination Flavour China