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Eggy-good recipes from sponges to soufflés to quiches and carbonara.
11 Nov 2020 - 10:47 PM  UPDATED 11 Nov 2020 - 10:47 PM

You could crack one egg, fry it up and pop it on top of a bowl of Cantonese noodles and we swear celestial music will start playing from somewhere above.

Or, you could crack many eggs and create so many dishes that defy our earthly realm that music won't even be necessary.

Firstly, watch our resident columnist and Bakeclub extraordinaire, Anneka Manning as she shares some eggy truths and how to get the most out of our eggs when baking.

Then dive into these recipes and keep on cracking.

Yolk music

When you think egg yolks, you think custard! And when you think custard, you really ought to think pomegranate because the two are just made for each other in a creamy-soft-meets-sharply-tangy kind of way. Music to our mouths!

Crème coco

A good crème caramel is a worthy recipe to master, but especially good with added coconut milk. This is a Vietnamese take on a French classic that results in a crazy dessert combo that was just meant to be.

Poh's crème caramel
"This is my all-time favourite dessert. It’s up to you how far you want to take your caramel – I prefer a lovely, rich mahogany." Poh Ling Yeow, Poh & Co. 2
Mango creme caramel

The classic French creme caramel gets a tropical update thanks to coconut milk and fresh mango.

Chocolate-and-orange crème caramel

I love this dessert. It has a delicious combination of flavours and textures – the orange in the custard and the richness of the chocolate and caramel create a rich treat.

Sweet kisses

If it's egg whites you're drowning in (see 'custard above'), then these little meringue kisses will bring you back to life. Each is filled with a caramel ganache so rich it could stand on its own in Louboutin heels.

Classic lemon meringue pie

Sometimes known as lemon chester pudding, lemon meringue pie is a wonderful combination of short, buttery pastry, a tart custard filling and a sweet, fluffy meringue topping. This recipe won’t disappoint!

Angel's food

Of course, you might prefer a bit of tang in your meringue, in which case you'll be making these angel food cakes. Light as air chiffon cake is topped with Italian meringue and mouth-puckeringly good lemon curd. You'll need 15 egg whites for this recipe plus a couple of additional eggs... so plan on making plenty of Hollandaise to tame all those extra yolks.

Banoffee custard pie

This here is a banoffee pie as it should be – where the caramel infuses a baked custard filling and is then topped with bananas.

Mango ripple vanilla slice

A well-baked and deep golden pastry is the key to a good vanilla slice — sandwiching it between two large oven trays means that the pastry isn’t allowed to ‘puff’ while baking, resulting in a wonderfully crisp casing for the luscious custard and mango filling.

Queen of puddings

This traditional English pudding is quintessential nursery food – nurturing, soul-warming and economical. Feel free to replace the mixed berry jam with raspberry, plum or strawberry to ensure the sweet but subtle middle layer suits your tastes.

Thanks, Louise

Louise cake is very clever because the yolks are used in the shortbread biscuit base and the egg whites in coconut meringue on top. Trust those Kiwis to be so wonderfully thrifty.

Pav check

Pavlova is an egg white's friend - make that a gang of egg whites' friend. However you make it (and there are as many versions as there are Kiwis claiming the pav as their own), you'll want to get your whisking arm ready.

Donna Hay's perfect pavlova

Summer is pavlova season. But there's no need to fear a mixture that splits before it’s even in the oven, weepy meringue or a cracked shell. Donna's here to help you achieve the ultimate pavlova.

Layered Turkish delight pavlova

The pink grapefruit in this pavlova has a lovely bitter flavour that cuts through the sweetness of the meringue and balances a rich meal. 

Vietnamese iced coffee pavlova

Vietnamese iced coffee is made with a delicious, chicory flavoured coffee, plenty of condensed milk, and ice – hugely refreshing in the humid Vietnamese climate. #BringBackTheClassics

Dough good

You can be sure dough is going to be a melt-in-your-soul affair when it's made with this many eggs. Cozonac can be compared to a dense sponge or a brioche loaf. Whatever you compare it to, cozonac wins.

Fun buns

Ahem, did someone mention brioche?

Pound those eggs

Most pound cakes require at least two eggs, but this buttermilk version goes a step further by adding lemon curd. That bumps the eggy goodness up to five and the satisfaction rating of this cake to an easy 11.

Honey, quince and walnut pound cake with salty honeyed walnuts

This is a terrifically good cake; the hole serves to catch stray walnuts that fall off the top.

Three cheers

Latin America's dearly loved three milks cake could also be called five eggs cake... the decadent sponge-base uses that many. This 'soggy' cake encapsulates all the reasons why we love dunking things in milk.

Chocolate three milks cake (pastel de tres leches con chocolate)

The origins of the traditional tres leches (three milks) cake are in debate, with natives of Mexico, Cuba and parts of Central and South America, all claiming ownership. While chocolate isn’t part of the traditional recipe, its inclusion adds extra depth of flavour and is complemented by the sweet acidity of the blackberries.

Loved up

If it's a sponge you love, then your passion lies here. Four eggs whisk a lightness to this passionfruit sponge that defies gravity (just don't over-whisk once the flour is in!). 

Light show

Since we're talking eggs, we'd better mention the soufflé. The light-as-eggshells French classic has been stuffed with thousands of different combinations of ingredients, and still, it rises.

Second 'alpings

Of course, Austria's version of a soufflé is particularly picturesque. Salzburger Nockerln is baked to represent Salzburg's snow-capped mountains and one mouthful lifts you there.

Simple perfection

Then there's quiche Lorraine, which honestly is just about the best thing you can do with an egg except make an omelette (see below). 

Northern Greek feta and egg pie

This coiled pastry is from Naoussa, a village in the Cyclades region of northeastern Greece. It's filled with a rich-but-light creamy feta cheese centre. 

Bread cup quiches

These little quiches are made for little hands. Who knew a meal made so easily could taste so good? 

Quinoa quiche

Quinoa is a kind of cereal that's been the core food of Andean countries in South America for hundreds of years. In the last 15 years, it was discovered that the nutrient composition of quinoa is better than common cereals. This is because the seeds contain essential amino acids like lysine, as well as acceptable quantities of calcium, phosphorus and iron. With its great texture, quinoa is the perfect healthy base for both savoury and sweet dishes, and the quinoa quiche is one of these inventions.

Stronger together

It's a little known fact that if you put a soufflé together with an omelette, you end up with something superior to both. The soufflé omelette is completely indulgent, utterly memorable and surprisingly easy to pull off.

Thai crab omelette

This khai jiao is crisp on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.

Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas)

For the Spaniards, a tortilla isn't a flour wrap filled with meat and veggies but rather a deep dish potato bake. The goal is to have it lightly golden on the top yet soft and moist in the centre.

Blue cheese and mushroom omelette

Omelettes are fantastic for breakfast, but with spinach, mushrooms and blue cheese, this is equally good for lunch or dinner. 


Breakfast beater

Another breakfast classic, French toast should really be called eggy bread (and often is). There are sweet versions, but this oven-baked savoury special with garlic mushrooms is our favourite.

All shuk up

Cracking an egg into a deeply fragrant, spicy tomato mixture feels like just the right way to get the day started. Shakshuka your cares away!

Oh, for the simple life

Which brings us to carbonara. Many people think you need cream, cheese or other accoutrements, but you really just need garlic, pancetta and plenty of eggs. If the pantry is empty and the belly hungry, you could honestly get away with only eggs swirled through your pasta. Thank you, eggs. Thank you, hens. For everything

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Tomato and egg stir-fry

It can be tricky to achieve a good tomato flavour – you’re after a well-balanced sweet, savoury and tangy sauce to coat the fluffy eggs. When it is done well, it tastes great on a bed of steaming hot rice!

Eggs aren't just a breakfast food
Here's an ode to the humble egg, made not-so-humble in a Greek polenta pie, bacon & egg lasagne and the duly famous Spanish potato tortilla.
Root vegetable hash browns with boiled eggs

These hash browns are crunchy on the outside and soft in the centre, and so easy to make. 

Coffee custard (caffè in forchetta)

If there’s one thing Italian’s can’t live without, it’s their coffee. In Tuscany, coffee is transformed into this creamy coffee custard, café in forchetta, which roughly means coffee on a fork.  

Baked Mexican eggs

This is a really hearty and substantial start to the day, and it's all done in one pan. 

Chai-spiced custard tarts

Portuguese custard tarts are one of those pastries that I just can’t go past and I love their rustic beauty. 

Chocolate-and-orange crème caramel

I love this dessert. It has a delicious combination of flavours and textures – the orange in the custard and the richness of the chocolate and caramel create a rich treat.