• Chocolate and cherry pizza (Watts on the Grill)Source: Watts on the Grill
From two-choc pizza to sticky cocoa ribs, discover the delicious intersection of chocolate and barbecue.
11 Nov 2020 - 12:04 PM  UPDATED 11 Nov 2020 - 12:34 PM

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The rich, dark appeal of chocolate gets kicked up a notch when you're cooking on the 'cue. Here are some of our fave ways to bring the two together. 

Cocoa-rubbed ribs

"There are so many possibilities for chocolate on the barbeque," says Spencer Watts, who devotes an entire episode of Watts on the Grill to the idea. His suggestions include a barbecue classic: ribs. "Everybody loves ribs on the barbeque, sweet, succulent smoky ribs, they’re just delicious. So many different kinds out there but these cocoa ribs are the best you’ve ever had!" he says of his cocoa-rubbed ribs.

Smoky eggplant and cocoa dip

This version of babaganoush sounds unusual, but it’s absolutely delicious: the chocolate and eggplant together give a subtle, sweet, earthy smoky flavour, says Justine Schofield of this delicious dip, which can be cooked on the coals of a campfire, or a barbecue. 

Chocolate pizza

"We all have a kid that lives inside of us ... whether you are a kid at heart or a real-life kid, this chocolate pizza is for you," says Spencer Watts of his sweet, grilled take on the Italian classic. And this one is easy: "Every good pizza needs a sauce. This one’s super simple. Just take warm cream, pour them over chocolate chips, and then slowly whisk it together and it develops a really nice chocolate sauce, just like magic." And then there's the white chocolate: "If you take this [white] chocolate and heat it on the barbeque, it caramelises and something really gnarly happens to it. It gets crunchy, it gets nutty, it gets chewy, it’s the best texture and the coolest flavour you’ve ever had," he says. 

Chocolate and cherry pizza

Death by Diva

"Death by Diva is my most requested recipe. It combines a little fruit, a little cheesecake, a little brownie and a whole lot of delicious," says American barbecue queen Danielle Bennett, aka Diva Q, of her rich dessert. (You'll need to plan ahead for this one, as the brownies need time to cook, and the strawberries to chill). 

Grilled cinnamon toast fruit kebabs

Here's another delicious grilled dessert from Spencer Watts: these grilled cinnamon toast fruit kebabs are made by skewering bananas, strawberries and cinnamon toast, then drizzling with white and dark chocolate.

Chocolate crème brûlée

This take on the French classic is cooked in a covered barbecue (although you can do it in an oven, too). These chocolate brûlées can be made a day ahead of serving time. 

More grill thrills
Chocolate pots with grilled orange

A very easy chocolate dessert, with grilled orange slices adding a rich, charry marmalade note. 

Rum-spiked banana boats

A tropical, boozy concoction that is so quick and easy to make, it's bound to become a staple. 

Cherry and chocolate dessert pizza

A barbecue twist on dessert, this pizza is features the creaminess of mascarpone, freshness of lemon and cherries, and richness of dark chocolate.

Red mole

Mole (pronounced mo-lay, and meaning sauce) is the unique culinary symbol of Mexico. It comes in various colours and flavours and is often spiced with exotic chillies, chocolate, nuts, fruits and spices.