From a giant vegan burrito to Sweden's glorious smörgåstårta, these ideas take the cake!
27 Nov 2020 - 12:24 PM  UPDATED 27 Nov 2020 - 12:24 PM

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Sometimes dishes don't end up the way you'd planned - and that can mean a glorious invention. Such is the case with the BOSH! magnificent mezze cake, a multi-layered 'cake' full of the flavours of the Middle East. 

"We’ll let you into a secret: the mezze cake started out as a lasagne! Our first idea was to create a delicious mezze lasagne, but when we laid all the ingredients out we realised that it would be too big. So we looked at the baking tins we had in the cupboard and pulled out a springform cake tin… and it was the perfect thing to use!," comes the answer from Ian Theasby and Henry Firth, when SBS Food checks in with the duo behind the BOSH! website and YouTube channel about how they came to invent this recipe.

The mezze cake is one of the stars of Living on the Veg, the duo's new television series, along with another savoury cake - this one inspired by a burrito. 

"The mezze cake was a huge success on social media, so we thought it would be rude not to make another savoury cake – and that’s when the burrito cake was born!"

The cake takes on a whole new life when you look at it from the savoury side. Inspired by the BOSH! duo's inventions, here are some of our favourite savoury cake recipes. 

Mezze cake

Let's kick off with that almost-was-a-lasagne cake from the Bosh! duo. In Living on the Veg, Theasby describes this as "a mountain of falafel, flatbread, hummus, spices, and much, much more". There's quite a lot of "more", including sun-dried tomato, zucchini, eggplant, artichokes, babaganoush, tapenade and rice. It's layer upon layer of flavour!

Alpine cheese and ham loaf

"This type of savoury cake has become very popular with French families and is usually served with a green leafy salad," says Gabriel Gaté of his cake au fromage et jambon des Alpes. The cake is studded with two types of cheese, black and green olives, walnuts and ham. "Take your time to assemble the ingredients attractively in the loaf tin before cooking. It’s worth it. Sometimes I decorate the top of the loaf with extra heart-shaped pieces of Gruyère," he says. 

Alpine cheese and ham loaf (Cake au fromage et jambon des Alpes)

Savoury semolina cake

"This savoury cake is spongy, crispy on the edges and replete with the textures of the vegetables. It is light and satisfying, easy to make and takes care of itself in the oven," says Anjum Anand of her simplified version of a Gujarati recipe. You can switch up the vegetables to suit whatever you have in the fridge or freezer. 

Giant burrito cake

"A giant burrito, wrapped up warm then baked in a saucepan = the most amazing sharing platter you ever had!" is how the BOSH! duo describe this "cake".  Rice, sweet potato, capsicum, onion, cherry tomatoes and dairy-free cheese are wrapped up in tortillas in this clever creation from the vegan duo. 

Giant burrito cake

Swedish sandwich cake

A favourite at Swedish celebrations, this version of the classic smörgåstårta is made with layers of bread, smoked salmon, egg salad and cucumber, covered with cream cheese and sour cream "icing". 

Smörgåstårta (Swedish sandwich cake)

Onion cake (zwiebelkuchen)

It's more like a tart, but the name means onion cake, so this German bake wins a spot on our list!

And a sweet bonus...

We couldn't talk about vegetables in cake without including a carrot cake. There's not just carrot but zucchini too in this light and lovely slab cake (and good news if you can't have gluten - it's gluten-free, too). 

There's plenty more in our carrot cake recipe collection, including a carrot and beetroot cake, a masala chai carrot cake and several classic carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting.  

More great bakes with veg
Savoury zucchini, seed and curry leaf cake (handvo)

This Gujarati favourite – handvo – has crispy edges and a soft, vegetable-laden interior. It is normally made from lentils and rice, ground into a paste and fermented overnight, but this is an instant version. 

Kale and feta bread

I have a thing for savoury breads that border on being cakes: from zucchini bread to jalapeno cornbread. I've taken inspiration from those and today I present you with another rendition, made with spelt flour, shredded kale, a good dose of feta and a number of fragrant herbs. And to keep it all moist, I've added olive oil and Greek yoghurt. I like to toast this under the grill and serve it up with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for a decadent Sunday brunch. If you're not feeling fancy, simply serve it with a cup of tea for a nutritious snack. 

Preserved lemon and vegetable medfouna

“You can easily adapt this Moroccan stuffed bread recipe to suit your taste as the dough works as a delicious casing for many types of fillings. Try other fresh or cooked vegetables, different types of cheese and cooked or cured meats. Traditionally stuffed with meat, I’ve made a vegetarian version and freshened things up with a good hit of herbs, ricotta and preserved lemon.” Shane Delia, Shane Delia’s Moorish Spice Journey

Totally Unicorn beetroot cake

"If you’re turning up your nose at what seems like an unlikely marriage, try it first. The combination of earthy beets, bitter with smoky dark chocolate and slightly salty cream cheese is heavenly! Totally Unicorn is a heavy metal band and my brother-in-law, Mikey, is their illustrious drummer. Whenever they go on tour and stay with us, this is what they get for supper after a night of intense head banging." Poh Ling Yeow, Poh & Co.