• Paella with crab, prawns and chicken (paella mixta) (Alan Benson)Source: Alan Benson
Pick out some sustainable seafood and make an occasion out of it with these simple yet lavish recipes.
3 Dec 2020 - 12:54 PM  UPDATED 3 Dec 2020 - 12:54 PM

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1. Singapore chilli crab

Ready your bibs, because we're bringing the Singapore chilli crab experience home. You may not be able to travel to Singapore, but luckily Adam Liaw already did and brought back this mouthwatering recipe.


2. Seafood Paella

A big pan of seafood paella is a simple crowd-pleaser and single-dish meal. Serve with a vegetable side if you please, or just a squeeze of lemon and a fork.

Paella with crab, prawns and chicken (paella mixta)

3. Sri Lankan fish curry

Jimmy Shu's barramundi meen moilee couldn't be simpler or more flavourful. Lemongrass, curry leaves and coconut milk cling to fresh barramundi pieces that require just as a quick poach to cook through.

Barramundi meen moilee

4. Moules frites

Bust out the bag of frozen chips, or fry up some fresh ones of your own our perfect potato chip guide. You'll be pairing them in the classic Belgian style, with mayo and a pot of mussels. 

Moules frites

5. Filipino sour soup (seafood sinigang)

This Peter Kurvuita recipe for seafood sinigang might be his simplest recipe yet. The soup is full of sour tamarind and fish sauce, paired with sweet, fresh seafood which will warm you from the inside out.

6. Octopus mezedes

Travel to Greece is a little tough right now, so make do with a glass of dry white and some braised octopus to start. Thomas Deliopoulos says never braise the octopus in oil and water, only red wine vinegar for best results.

Experience food like you'd find on the Greek island of Crete at Elyros restaurant in Melbourne.

7. Citrus butter crab

If you can get a hold of some mud crabs (rated as a 'better choice' by the GoodFish sustainable seafood guide), it'll be hard to resist dunking those big chunks of claw meat into Rachael Ciesiolka's citrus butter. 

8. Crumbed fish burgers

Sometimes you just need to cosy up with the adult version of a fish finger sandwich, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. To show our support, here's a simple recipe for crumbed ling burgers, surf club style.

9. Garlic prawn pasta

You can't go wrong with butter, prawns and garlic, or a Donna Hay recipe for that matter. This one couldn't be simpler. Fry up garlic and aromatics while the pasta is cooking and toss them together right before serving.

Garlic prawn pasta

10. Miso salmon and eggplant skewers

A little miso paste goes a long way and offers an umami bomb grilled into fresh salmon and melting charred eggplant. Serve these skewers over rice or noodles with some sauteed garlic spinach for a stellar dinner.

Miso salmon and eggplant skewers

11. Salt and pepper squid

Saving the best till last, the restaurant favourite, salt and pepper squid. Sure you'll have to fry at home, but all you need is a pot of oil and a chopstick to test when the oil is ready (you can tell when bubbles foam from the end of a wooden chopstick placed in the oil). After one taste of Luke Nguyen's seasoning, you'll never complain about frying at home again.

12. Lobster with lemon mayo

We're going out with a bang on this one, and if you've been paying attention you'll know the halting of exports has meant low prices for local seafood, like lobsters. For those in the dark on cooking one, we've got Matthew Evans' signature simple recipe for dill-cooked lobster with lemon mayo. It'll be a hit.

It's not the first place to do this.

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