From a sesame snap to a decadent dessert topping, these brittles cover the spectrum from basic to 'laden with the lot'.
12 Jan 2021 - 10:18 AM  UPDATED 13 Jan 2021 - 11:21 AM

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Feel in the mood for the snap and crunch of a brilliant brittle? Let's get cracking!

Nut and seed brittle (mewa chikki)

Here's a recipe where you can bend the basics to suits what you love, or what you have on hand. This Indian sweet can be made with whatever mix of seeds and nuts you like, or you could add craisins, dried cherries or blueberries or other dried or dehydrated fruit pieces. 

Ronnit Hoppe's seed brittle

Enjoy this as a snack on its own, or sprinkled over ice-cream. This crunchy recipe uses pepitas, sunflower seeds, hemp or flax seeds, coconut and almonds (or try Hoppe's suggestion swapping the almond flakes for cacao nibs). 

Saffron almond brittle (sohan-e qom)

Originally from the holy city of Qom in Iran, this almond brittle, perfumed with saffron and decorated with barberries (or use other dried berries, such as cranberries) and pistachios, is even more tempting than the classic peanut variety. 

Banana and peanut butter ice-cream with cashew brittle

As good as it is eaten piece by piece, little bits of brittle also make a next-level sprinkle: take a look at this banana and peanut butter ice-cream with cashew brittle, from Sarah Graham's Food Safari. The ice-cream is a super-easy version made with frozen bananas, freeing up your hands to quickly whip up some nutty, crunchy brittle to sprinkle on top.

Chocolate and pistachio coated brittle with vanilla salt

If you're looking for a decadent, good-looking brittle that makes a great gift, this recipe will meet all your needs. A layer of brittle is topped with melted chocolate and sprinkled with nuts and vanilla salt. 

Honeycomb peanut brittle

Is it brittle? Is it honeycomb? It's both, and we're very happy to have this cracking good combination in the brittle family! 

Bushfood brittle

The perfect sweet and sour candy, sweet from the brittle and sour from the tangy native finger limes. A great gift for every occasion, too.

Bushfood brittle made easy.

Sesame brittle

For lovers of the flavour of a sesame snap, here's a variation for you: a chunky sesame brittle studded with hazelnuts. 


Mocha popcorn with sesame brittle

Another take on the joy of sesame brittle! The key to this bittersweet chocolate and coffee-flavoured popcorn is to toss the popcorn while it's piping hot to create a candy-like chocolate shell on the popcorn and to get the sesame praline pieces to stick.

Peanut brittle

And let's not forget the classic: a straightforward American three-ingredient peanut brittle, from the annals of the much-loved Feast magazine. 


Chocolate layer cake with peanut butter frosting

Or take the idea of basic brittle to impressive heights in this show-stopper of a cake: layers of chocolate cake, coated in a rich peanut butter frosting, and decorated with chocolate drizzle, salted peanut brittle and popcorn. 

Chocolate layer cake with peanut butter frosting

or crack into these!
Frozen lychee and coconut cream with sesame praline

This is an easy frozen dessert for summer that needs no ice cream machine or churning. 


There’s a choose-your-own-adventure aspect to making crackle: you can opt for your favorite flavorful snack food, or use up the end of a box of something that needs eating from the pantry.

Praline peanut butter pops

You don't need an ice-cream maker for these pops from Colin Fassnidge of Sydney's 4 Fourteen. Freeze the creamy mixture in a slab, insert popsicles, dredge in praline and presto.

Bacon bourbon brittle

This brittle joins the likes of bacon and bourbon in one simple crunch.

Sesame brittle (til ki gajak)

An easy crunch featuring the likes of sesame and cardamom. 

Sesame snap candy (ggae gwa ja)

These crisp, chewy sesame snaps are a popular Korean sweet. Made with black or white sesame seeds, sugar and starch syrup, they’re simple to make and incredibly moreish. Store the candy in an airtight container for up to three months.