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Steamy days and bright nights - it must be mango season! Here's how to get your fill of sunshine.
14 Jan 2021 - 1:21 PM  UPDATED 14 Jan 2021 - 1:21 PM

The smell of a ripe mango is the scent of summer for many. It's a fruity, caramelly, floral smell that simply begs to be eaten. Once you've mastered the art of cutting one to eat fresh, consider using all the off-cuts in a new favourite summer dish.

You can use your mangoes from green through to ripe. Green mangoes are crunchy and slightly sour, though the familiar sweetness of ripened mango still comes through. Green to under-ripe mangoes are perfect in mango chutney or sauce. You can also use them in most of the cooked recipes featured here, though allow for additional tartness when seasoning you dish.

Mango chutney

Chutney is one of those ingredients that just makes everything taste better! This is an easy recipe for a summer chutney, great to have on hand for sandwiches, serve with roasted chicken or even barbecued pork.

So, get your hands on a tray of mangoes, start with recipe number one and keep on cooking. Every single one of these dishes will have you longing for mango season all-year-round.

Green fave

Mango farmer Muy Keav knows her mangoes and this salad is one of her best. It was passed down to Muy by her Cambodian mother, so you know it must be good. Try this green mango salad as well:

Green mango salad

This salad is inspired by the flavours of Thailand and the balance of hot and sour with salty and sweet. Traditionally, this dish would be paired with fish, but it works well with most types of seafood. Definitely a fresh recipe to bring out this summer.

Saucy heat

This semi-sweet mango habanero hot sauce could easily become your favourite hot sauce on tacos, with seafood, or even as a Bloody Mary kicker.


If you want something to dip into your mango habanero sauce, grilled prawns are it. Don't forget to add some extra pieces of mango to your skewer for grilling. A super-easy dinner for super-hot nights.

Curry away

Green mangoes add tartness to aromatics, mustard seeds, curry leaves, spices, and coconut milk in a must-try mango curry. There's another delicious version here:

Sri Lankan green mango curry

Sweet, sour and spicy, this is a simple Sri Lankan curry that treats the mango more like a vegetable. 

Salsa go-go

Adding a little mango salsa turns a spiced fish dish into something extra-special. The freshness of the salsa balances big spice flavours and cools the tongue.

Burger up

A little side salad featuring our favourite fruit perks up a veggie burger. Matter of fact, we wouldn't be at all opposed to sliding a few thin slices of mango straight into the burger.

Super salad

Nothing beats mango for adding some spark to a salad. On this occasion, it perfectly accompanies barramundi, avocado and crunchy peanuts. This prawn and mango salad is worth a try as well:

Warm mango and prawn salad

This dish relies on the mango being semi-ripe so as to add a little sweetness, just enough softness from its texture and a hint of sourness. The French mustard in the dressing is a nod to the history of French colonisation of Vietnam. Serve as part of a shared meal.

South A-mango-can

Chargrilled corn, lima beans and fresh mango make up this South American salad, which is topped off with a chilli kick and zesty dressing. Give this one a go too:

Mango salsa and coconut heart salad

High spice

A Norwegian gem that adds celeriac and apple juice to bring out mango's sweetness. It cuts through garlic, capsicum and chilli flavours beautifully. Such a delicious way to indulge your mango tooth.

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Chilled grill

For the simplest dessert ever, season your mango with chilli and sumac, lightly char on the grill, then serve with a scoop of creamy ice cream. Simple is so often better...

Sticky sweet

Mango and sticky rice is an addictive Thai classic. It smells like a tropical island and tastes exactly like relaxation.

Go sago

The classic Cantonese mango sago pudding is a fine dessert. It's such a gentle way to end a meal. Here's another version:

Yeung chi ka m lo (Sago with coconut, mango and pomelo)

Served chilled, its popularity lies in just the right balance of flavours and textures – the soft, sweet mango, light coconut cream, chewy sago pearls and slightly bitter pomelo popping in the mouth.


Fruity pud

Hot nights require chilled celebrations, and mango pudding is what you want on the menu. It's cool, refreshing, and simply bursting with pure mango flavour.

Freeze well

Four ingredients is all it takes to make a mango kulfi. The flavour of this Indian fave is utterly addictive, so count on slurping on more than one. Another kulfi recipe here:

Mango kulfi with coconut mousse and oat-ginger crumb

At my restaurant Antares we serve this mango kulfi as a refreshing dessert. The oat crunch is definitely worth making – it’s a great texture and flavour combination. If you have time, try making the coconut mousse too. 


A classic French crème caramel gets a tropical update thanks to coconut milk and fresh mango. Sounds like the perfect mash-up to us! This recipe is just as inventive:

Mango sorbet, durian creme and coconut foam ('Dury wat')

Durian fruit has grown a cult following worldwide for its love-it-or-loath potent smell. The recipe is a complex concoction that turns durian into a pastry cream and combines it with other technically elevated tropical elements.

Snot block

Surely the only thing that could improve the vanilla slice is mango. The mango custard and crisp pastry are topped off with an icing made with mango's best friend: passionfruit. There's more than one way to make a mango vanilla slice:

Mango ripple vanilla slice

A well-baked and deep golden pastry is the key to a good vanilla slice — sandwiching it between two large oven trays means that the pastry isn’t allowed to ‘puff’ while baking, resulting in a wonderfully crisp casing for the luscious custard and mango filling.

Flipped bake

Mango and coconut are a match made in heaven in this crowd-pleasing upside-down cake. Don't worry, there's plenty to go around.

Frozen sunshine

Mango, coconut and lime ice-cream cake

This mango, coconut and lime ice-cream cake is frozen sunshine. Layers of sweet meringue and mango ripple ice-cream combine together with toasty coconut flakes and roasted macadamias to make the ultimate summer cake. Another ice-cream cake, anyone?:

Mango and coconut ice-cream log

This mango and coconut compilation involves drizzling mango coulis over ice-cream for a vegan Christmas dessert that tastes of summer.

Mousse trap

If you feel ready to tackle an Adriano Zumbo concoction, start with a mango mousse cake. Five layers of supreme mango perfection makes this more event than mere cake.

No-bake wonder

When all is said and done, summer is way too hot for cooking something anyway. Even a mango something. Which is where a no-bake mango cheesecake comes into its own. It's always a good time for mango, after all.

Mango and white chocolate cheesecake

Indulgent dessert

Stone cold delicious
Magenta sticky rice with sweet coconut and mango

The vibrant colour of this sticky rice is the uniqueness of this dish!

Mango and banana yoghurt gelato

It's amazing how much natural flavours shine through when you keep things simple: only fruit and natural yoghurt are required for this simple gelato.

Spiced mango and rosewater lassi

Spruce up your next summer mango smoothie with a pinch of cardamom and dash of rosewater.

Scotch eggs with mango chutney

Golden, super crunchy crumbed eggs are perfect when the centre is still a little soft.

Chargrilled mango cheeks with honey labne

This is also great for cooking on a barbecue - and you can do the same thing with other tropical fruit, such as papaya. 

Crispy fish with long beans and green mango

This dish is inspired by all the fresh ingredients we saw in Laos. I'd never seen markets like it.

Mango and Thai basil ice-cream with fresh coconut shavings

On a hot summer's day, there's nothing like this refreshing ice-cream to cool you down. The balance of the sweet mangoes and herbaceous Thai basil is truly a flavour explosion. Choose mangoes when they are in season and at their peak.

Chardonnay mango pecan tart

This recipe was inspired by a holiday in San Miguel de Allende, one of Mexico's top culinary destinations. 

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