Hold your own with ice-cream pastry stacks, compressed and freeze-dried fruit, pepper-spiked sundaes and candied nuts (or bacon, if you're willing). And when all else fails? Stun the dinner guests with "FroYo".
15 Jan 2021 - 2:29 PM  UPDATED 15 Jan 2021 - 2:36 PM

1. Have an avo

There are plenty of experimental (read: whack) ice-cream flavours out there, but sometimes unexpected ingredients lead to bang-on results. Take avocado for example. Popular toast partner, salad habitué and smoothie recruit, this colour-popping fruit is also makes incredible ice-cream. Add lime juice to cut through the richness. Via Feast

2. “Aye!” screams

The antithesis of daggy kids’ ice-cream cakes, Anneka Manning’s recipe is built on zest and pizazz. Layered with cheat’s strawberry ice-cream, orange-scented pistachio meringue, a scattering of fresh fruit and citrusy sauce, this crowd-pleaser will attract plenty of enthusiastic exclamations.

3. Got your bak(lava)

According to ice-cream folklore, you can judge an artisan's talent from sampling their pistachio. If this theory holds true, home cooks will make quite the impression with Kulsum Kunwa's recipe. Inspired by her trip to Turkey, the food blogger nestles nutty ice-cream between layers of crisp baklava.

4. Turn up the chill factor

For our lactose-free friends, this frozen dessert from Dan Hong doesn’t skimp on taste or texture. Drawing inspiration from Asian iced treats, the eclectic combo teams lychee granita and strawberry sorbet with grass jelly, water chestnuts and compressed melon. Halo halo eat your heart out.

5. The FroYo renaissance

Frozen yoghurt, or FroYo, was born in the 1970s, rose to fame in the 80s, then fell outta fashion. Thankfully, the chilled treat is back in vogue, this time sporting various flavours (biscotti, pomegranate, green tea), and toppings (fruit, jelly, cereal). Give the fro a go at home with Alexx Stuart’s frozen coconut yoghurt.

6. Saltiness plus maltiness

Meat has officially entered the dessert domain. Here, chef Mitch Orr cheekily marries candied bacon with Malteser ice-cream for an after-dinner indulgence that’ll be loved by sweet tooths and salt fiends alike.

7. Knife and fork at the ready

Unlike European versions, Turkish ice-cream possesses an interestingly chewy characteristic and isn’t prone to melting. Its uniqueness lies in the addition of the resinous sap mastic and salep, a thickening agent made from orchid roots. While Turkish street vendors are known for twirling this specialty above their heads, we recommend you follow Feast’s recipe and plate up with a sparkling red.

Pistachios share the same natural pigment as peas and celery.

8. A stony reminder

Fruit is hot property in the gelato, sorbet and granita scenes, with tropical flavours tending to play the lead. Try Gabriel Gaté’s recipe for apricot ice-cream with caramelised almonds. The creamy-crunchy pairing is a real winner.

9. Not your average sundae

Remember when ice-cream sundaes were the coolest of treats? Relive childhood wonderment and cater to an adult palate with Emma Grazette’s black pepper and strawberry ripple ice-cream sundae. This sweet ‘n’ fruity combo packs a pleasant kick.

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