The perfect summer twists on coffee (and a delicious chilled no-caffeine chai alternative, too!)
26 Jan 2021 - 8:38 PM  UPDATED 27 Jan 2021 - 12:16 PM

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We've got not only the usual chilled drinkable version, but some cool change-ups as well, from iced coffee pavlova to ice-blocks!

How to brew cold coffee while you sleep

From the fabulous "while you sleep" series by SBS Food's Camellia Ling Aebischer, this is a how-to guide to making your own cold brew coffee. "Let's be honest, sometimes during warmer weather, getting through a hot morning coffee can make things that little more sweaty. This is where cold brew coffee swoops in to steal the show (your caffeine addiction will thank you)," she says. The method is as simple as mixing coffee grounds and water and letting them steep overnight. Drink straight up (it makes a milder flavour than a coffee machine), or add milk or sweetener. 

Cold brew with milk

Rum iced coffee

The perfect morning pick-me-up, made with a dash of dark rum (the recipe also includes a link to the recipe for those ham and chive breakfast scrolls you can see in the picture).

Mocha pistachio affogatos

Let a sip of this carry you away - this is one of the recipes Sarah Graham makes while in South Africa on her show Sarah Graham's Food Safari. Taking the usual affogato a step up, she swirls melted chocolate around the glasses before adding the ice-cream. Scatter over pistachios, then pour over the coffee and enjoy!

Chicory o'clock

You’ll become an immediate fan of Amber Wilson's smoky chicory coffee and bacon bourbon brittle, which both bring family memories to life. Once the strong chicory coffee and sugar have set, scrape your icy crystals back and top it all off with an airy bourbon and vanilla whipped cream. You won't be disappointed. 

Cap it off with caramel

Taking your coffee, sugar and milk to a very happy place is Vicki Valsamis' refreshing caramel cappuccino. The kicker is all in the toppings, which include donuts, choc-coated almonds and ice-cream, just to name a few. Try sucking this shake through the chocolate wafer rolls for an even greater flavour hit. 

Crazy caramel cappucino


A no-caffeine alternative: frosted chai lattes

Not drinking coffee? No worries, we've got a cool alternative for you. This is another Sarah Graham recipe, this time made in the bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis of Maputo in Mozambique. Made with cashew milk and spiced with cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and turmeric, it's an icy cool treat. 

Coffee ice-cream (kem cà phê)

How about an iced coffee on a stick? This ice-cream masters the characteristic sweetness of syrupy iced coffees served in Vietnam. Serve the popsicles with a rich espresso syrup. 

Vietnamese coffee ice cream is spiced with cardamom and cinnamon, and sweetened with condensed milk.

Vietnamese iced coffee pavlova

Or put a very Australian twist on Vietnam's refreshingly sweet, cold coffee tradition with this pavlova. Two pavlova layers are stacked with coffee syrup and condensed milk. 

Vietnamese iced coffee pavlova

More cool coffee
Cop coffee ice-cream sandwich

A black coffee and a doughnut is a real classic in police circles but actually not that practical, as you could spill the hot coffee all over your lap during car chases. A better alternative is to make the whole thing into an ice-cream sandwich. Then you can enjoy your snack and keep one hand free for chasing bad guys.

Soy milk jellies with coffee syrup

The Vietnamese enjoy their coffee strong and sweet, commonly serving it with lashings of condensed milk. Inspired by those flavours, this simple dessert is a wonderful combination of soothing, barely set milky jelly with the jolt of a strong, coffee-based syrup. 


Spazzacamino translates as chimney sweep in Italian. Using very finely ground coffee, which looks like ash from the chimney, and perhaps a smoky, peaty whisky that smells like the fire, this dish is very aptly named.

Chicory coffee granita with bourbon whipped cream

“I distinctly remember my first cup of coffee. My grannie fixed my sister and I two tiny glasses of coffee milk (which seemed to consist of more sugar than coffee or milk). I stretched out my hands, took hold of the cold, crystal glass and quietly imbibed my very first glass of smoky, chicory coffee. In that one moment, I had unknowingly become part of a treasured ritual that I would carry with me daily."