Kataifi is a string pastry resembling noodle-like strands. We're getting ready to shred without skimping on the pastry.
4 May 2021 - 12:09 PM  UPDATED 7 May 2021 - 9:24 AM

Kadayif (kataifi, kadayifli) is an angel hair pastry. It comes finely shredded that is a popular Middle Eastern ingredient and is a Turkish favourite. Here's why it's mandatory to keep some shredded pastry in that pantry of yours...

1. An easy snack

These sweet pistachio pastries are made with ground nuts and are scattered with freshly ground pistachios over the top. Tel kadayıf is lovely as a dessert with thick cream, ice cream or yoghurt, or on its own as an afternoon treat.

2. Entertain in style

Muhammara is a classic Turkish dip made from roasted capsicum and walnuts, and goes wonderfully with crispy prawns - we have Series 1 of #TheChefsLine Turkish restaurant Anason to thank for their popular dish of crunchy prawns with muhammara

Crunchy prawns with walnut muhammara (kadayifli karides)

3. All cheese

With cheese and syrup, this künefe recipe is a Turkish specialty. Hot tip: It should definitely be eaten hot, while the cheese is still oozing.

4. Ekmek katayif

Kataifi is used in this base of this sweet tart that is layered with vanilla custard and finished with cream and almonds. 

5. It's a wrap

Shane Delia's version of a traditional Moroccan chicken dish still has all the soul of the original, with the addition of shredded kataifi pastry hugging the marinated chicken centre.

6. Tea with cheese

Whether you call it knefe, kanafeh, knafe, or "that Middle Eastern cheese sweet"...a cheesy dessert by any other name would taste just as good and this week's Middle Eastern wonder comes fromThe Chefs' Line and Kepos Street Kitchen. #lookatthatpoppingpistachio

Kanafeh with apple tea

7. Don't flee this nest!

The Greek sweet kataifi is traditionally rolled into cylinders. With honey and spice, this recipe uses a muffin pan to make pastry nests instead. Serve with ice cream or Greek-style yoghurt and you'll never look back.

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Sea salt, pistachio and Turkish delight chocolate snaps

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