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Make your next shindig a collaborative one with these D.I.Y delights. Feast your eyes as you customise your ideal plate.
14 May 2021 - 12:04 PM  UPDATED 14 May 2021 - 12:05 PM

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Charcuterie plate

Charcuterie is a French artform when done properly. While this recipe is a little more on the fancy side, use it as a foundation for ingredients readily available to you. 

Charcuterie plate

Stale bread pizzette

Entertain your guests AND use up any extra bits of bread lying around. The toppings on these pizzette can be made from whatever you have on hand. Don’t worry too much about measurements - just go with whatever looks good.

Stale bread “pizzette”

Hot dogs and fairy bread

An Aussie party classic set to satisfy both young and above. Setting this up as a D.I.Y dish will ensure everyone's happy with their butter to sprinkles ratio. 

Party staples

Campechano tacos with street-style salsa

Tacos are the O.G D.I.Y dinner. These corn tortillas are wrapped around luscious meat and crisp longaniza, with crunchy pieces of chicharron, and served with a rich salsa. 

Chipotle chicken burritos

Bring some of the spice of Mexico to your weeknight dinners with this easy grilled chicken burritos, complete with corn cobs and a homemade mayo.

Chipotle chicken burritos

Sushi cones

A fun kid-friendly twist on the traditional roll. Mixing quinoa with rice boosts the protein in these vegetarian-friendly sushi cones, as well as adding another textural dimension.

Sushi cones

Aburi salmon don

Keeping your donburi toppings to fresh veg and seafood means this meal is basically 99% prep. Just use Adam Liaw's hot whisk trick to sear your salmon and pop everything into the middle of the table.

No-knead pizza dough

Save your delivery guy a trip and make one of the easiest good pizza dough recipes around. Very customisable and random-fridge-cheese friendly.

No-knead pizza

Buttermilk pancakes

Classic, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, topped with seasonal berries, maple syrup and butter - basically anything you want.

Waffles with yoghurt and honey

These crispy and tasty treats are the pancake's distant cousin - but equally as customisable with the toppings.

More D.I.Y Delights
Pancakes filled with walnuts and cream (katayef)
These lightly yeasted and filled pancakes are best assembled as each one is cooked. If left for too long, the pancakes can become dry and difficult to fold. Traditionally filled with either the cream or walnut filling, you could use both, if you like, as in this recipe.
Nacho bowls

This hands-on meal is great for kids, as not do they get to assemble their own nacho bowls—they get to eat the whole thing, bowl and all!

Prawn tacos with avocado and chilli salsa

These soft seafood tacos are filled with fresh flavours of tomato, onion, lime and chilli. Prepare and assemble just before serving to be sure the prawns are warm and the avocado is green.

Chicken fajitas with avocado mash
This tasty Mexican meal is ready in just half an hour. Put the prepared ingredients in the middle of the table so everyone can assemble their own. What could be easier?