When the weather turns cold, put a warm spin on a classic.
25 May 2021 - 11:07 AM  UPDATED 25 May 2021 - 11:07 AM

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We've rounded up our fave recipes for putting a warm spin on the classic potato salad (and roamed the globe from Nepal to Canada and Germany too).

Get your forks out!

Spicy potato and pea salad (chukauni)

Chukauni is a famous breakfast dish in Nepal and can be served warm or cold.

Warm potato salad with knackwurst

Proper hot-smoked knackwurst is a German sausage that's great in a hot dog, but also wonderful in this salad from Matthew Evans, which combines potato, dill pickles, boiled eggs and knackwurst in a mayo-sour cream dressing. This can be served warm, or at room temperature. 

Warm potato salad with knackwurst

Smoked paprika, potato and chickpea salad

This salad is the sum of very democratic ingredients – they all give and take agreeably to balance in perfect harmony. Instead of mayo, this salad brings everything together with a slightly sharp-sweet red wine and honey dressing. 

Warm potato salad with capers

This recipe comes from Mary Berg, one of the many twists on the classics she shares in Mary's Kitchen Crush. New potatoes come together with quick-pickled onion, capers, shallots and parsley. 

Warm potato salad with paprika, roast capsicum and goat’s curd

This one also comes from Matthew Evans, a colourful salad with red and green capsicum, potato and curd cheese.

Put a sweet potato twist on the warm salad idea with this barbecued vegetable bowl, which combines the vegetables with mixed spices and a tahini dressing. It's a winner!

Cauliflower and sweet potato salad

Gaúcho potato salad

Brazilian churrasco, or barbecue, originated from the gaúchos – cowboys from the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. No churrasco would be complete without a traditional potato salad.

More warm salads
Warm couscous and pumpkin salad with dukkah kangaroo fillet

If you're after a sating salad with plenty of protein, you may have met your match. Lean kangaroo meat and roasted vegetables tick the 'healthy' boxes, while mint and coriander pump up the freshness, and dukkah adds a delicious texture.

Warm pickled vegetable salad with buckwheat, preserved lemon and dill

Traditional pickling can take anywhere from a day to a month before the vegetables hit their vinegary prime and are ready for eating. Here I’ve sped up the process so you can make your pickles and eat them for dinner. Try different vegetables and experiment with vinegar and sugar levels until you find your perfect brine.

Grilled quail winter salad

These tiny birds are remarkably flavoursome and are great with the sourness of a pickle. In this case, it’s pickled quince.

Winter leaf and apple salad with crispy quinoa and cider vinegar Dijon dressing

This salad looks beautiful served on one large platter or try serving individual bowls of salad in a selection of pretty side dishes.

Warm lentil salad (mercimek salatasi)

An exotic vegetarian salad sweetened with pomegranate molasses, made from the dark red juice of the pomegranate fruit, which has been cooked down to form a thick, tangy syrup.

Warm custard apple salad with salt and pepper squid

Custard apple's white, juicy flesh has a sweet flavour, like a combination of banana, pineapples and strawberries. Its sweetness can be used to lift savoury dishes, like this salad.