• Carrot jam (murrabā-ye havij) (Simon Griffiths and Ebrahim Khadem Bayat)Source: Simon Griffiths and Ebrahim Khadem Bayat
Orange you glad you can cook this vibrant veggie in more ways than one? These recipes hero the ever-so-versatile carrot.
16 Jun 2021 - 1:24 PM  UPDATED 9 Jun 2021 - 2:00 PM

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Little spiced carrot and apple cakes 

These beautifully spiced cakes are made with olive oil for a moist batter, and can be garnished with apple chips for a burst of sweetness and extra spice.

Kabuli palaw (rice with carrots and sultanas)

This beautiful and balanced rice is Afghanistan’s national dish. Pieces of lamb or chicken are usually buried beneath the rice, with the stock from the meat used to flavour it.

Carrot and miso puree with parsley paste

A secret hint of miso gives this carrot puree a delicious malty flavour. Yes, it is a lot of butter, but we don’t think that’s necessarily a problem.

Fermented carrots

Giving a child, or yourself, a fermented carrot stick to snack on is so many levels up on a regular carrot in flavour, and of course in nutritional value. This is fast slow food ready to grab and eat at any time. 

Carrot tzimmes

Carrot tzimmes are a traditional Jewish eastern European dish made with carrots, prunes and sweet potatoes. It is traditionally eaten at the Jewish New Year but you can enjoy it any time.

Carrot jam (murrabā-ye havij)

Carrots make an excellent jam and with the addition of lemon, cardamom and rosewater this is perfect for spooning over pancakes and toast or in pies and tarts. 

Carrot jam (murrabā-ye havij)

Charred carrots with tahini and furikake

Carrots are criminally underrated, subjected to overcooking or supplied as an unimaginative crunch in a salad. Pre-cooking in aromatics adds more flavour and exploits their natural sweetness. 

Easy carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Wholemeal flour and other wholesome ingredients set this carrot cake recipe apart from others - while still delivering the classic carrot-cake appeal: moist, aromatic, sweet. 

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Heirloom carrots with a rosemary balsamic demi glace 

A great way to serve these carrots is with Desiree Nielsen's aromatic sage-fried tofu. It's a creation that's simple enough for a midweek meal, and fancy enough for a vegan dinner party.  

Heirloom carrots with rosemary balsamic demi-glace

Special orange juice

Consider this your morning wake-up call, a bright and tangy concoction that will have you bouncing out the door. 

Special orange juice

Goan quinoa with star anise carrots

Quinoa gets brightened with a homemade aromatic Indian curry paste, with coconut milk to balance the heat. This is a hearty vegetarian meal or can easily be a side.

Goan quinoa with star anise carrots

Roasted carrots, apples and chestnuts (carote, mele e castagne al forno)

Roasted carrots, chestnuts, cippolini onions and a few apples make a delicious mix to go with a roast,

Gluten-free carrot and zucchini slab cake

This cake is lovely and light and tender - and a good one for kids who are tricky about vegetables!

Carrot cake with ricotta icing

Using wholemeal spelt flour and almond meal in place of white flour gives this lovely cake an earthy, nutty flavour and more textured crumb. An excellent addition to your carrot cake repertoire!

Carrot and onion pickles

Homemade pickles are easy to do, and they are great served on the side or added to stir-fries.