The heart wants what the heart wants - and it's calling for parmesan.
19 Jul 2021 - 9:34 AM  UPDATED 19 Jul 2021 - 9:58 AM

Are you guilty of putting parmesan on anything and everything? There are certainly worse crimes to commit, so we'll provide the ammunition with our top 10 parmesan must-haves here at HQ.

1. You had me at béchamel

It's comfort food 101 and this moussaka recipe will go down a treat. Cauliflower and cheese make excellent pals in this superb béchamel - talk about nailing the brief!

Moussaka with cauliflower béchamel

2. All hail, Caesar

Arguably one of the most popular salads ever, the Caesar combines bacon, cheese, bread and mayo - and this lighter rendition hits all the high notes of the classic, without compromising on flavour (there's also maple bacon thrown into this mix). And don't worry, parmesan definitely makes the cut...

3. Rising to the occasion

The soufflé always makes a grand entrance and why not - it's a high flyer. Light but incredibly flavoursome, this three-cheese recipe calls on cheddar, Gruyère and Parmesan, along with the Dijon mustard and hint of cayenne. 

Three-cheese souffle

4. Super-bowl

Fresh egg pasta filled with roasted pumpkin and parmesan before being coated in a rich burnt butter and sage sauce - you'll be knockin' this one back with extra shavings of parmesan, that we promise you! Get this recipe.

5. No-fear "wet rice"

Turn that risotto fear into a weekly staple, with this rich and super-easy mushroom version. It's ready in 30 minutes? Now we're talking!

6. Can't go past a schnitty

The parmesan adds a wonderfully savoury edge to the coleslaw and the walnut crumb coating. Track down good-quality meat for schnitzel and you'll be in juicy heaven in no time. 

Walnut and parmesan crumbed schnitzel with red coleslaw

7. Haloumi gets a smokin'

Cooked in a smoky tomato sauce, these meatballs are made with lamb, beef, haloumi and grated parmesan, which hit all the right salty, rich and cheesy notes.

Lamb and haloumi meatballs

8. Creamy egg-cellence

A rich, indulgent dish that combines creamy polenta with crispy egg whites and runny yolks. There’s also a crisp salty touch from the capers, a hint of herbaceousness from the sage, and plenty of parmesan to keep you entertained. Get it here.

9. Hash brown goes big 

With a touch of parmesan, here's a giant potato rostï perfect for sharing. Sunday morning breakfasts will never be the same again. 

Potato rosti

10. A little bit corny...

Juicy cobs of corn get a little more exciting thanks to Shane Delia's crispy cheese crumb and fresh (pine nut-less) pesto - this is an easy win for parmesan and corn and you'll want this easy snack every night.

Pesto corn on the cob

BONUS | Make your cheesy pastry

Shortcrust pastry, when you have a good recipe, is one of the simplest and quickest pastries to make and our resident #Bakeproof baker, Anneka Manning, gives us lots of tips to pastry perfection as well as a parmesan version that is perfect for savoury tarts and pies.


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