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The messier the pasta, the better the life.
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Fair enough, an Italian would rather die than slurp their spaghetti. According to everyone's nonna, the only noise you should make while eating your pasta is "mmm".

No dangling strands either. You need to twirl your fettucine around your fork until it's a neat little ball and pop it cleanly in your mouth.

But honestly, where's the fun in that?

We're here for dangling, slurpy strands that leave shadows of sauce all over your face. Where dinner is accompanied by a cacophony of guzzling and sucking and lapping as strands of pasta get tossed down in a gulp. Giant piles of tagliatelle dripping from mouths and wild bucatini dangling all over the table.

Haha, sounds equal-parts disgusting and like a plan, right? If you've ever seen a kid tackle a bowl of spaghetti, you'll know why we're calling it a plan. This is eating with your whole face and soul.

You know what to do. Find your biggest pot and boil up some long pasta trouble this instant.

Rosé prawn spaghetti

This dish is bound to get everywhere as long as you're as careless as possible. It really depends on how much of the added brandy you guzzle while you cook...

Baked broccolini and sausage spaghetti

An easy tray bake with spicy Italian sausage, crunchy broccolini and anchovies, with a good grating of parmesan and scattering of chilli.

Creamiest mixed mushroom pasta

When a pasta dish calls itself 'creamy', you know you're soon to be in slurping heaven.

Linguine with meatballs

This dish is basically impossible to eat neatly. The linguine will travel, the meatballs will roll and you, lucky you, will be in pasta heaven. 

White osso bucco

Big, fat strands of pappardelle soak up all that slow-cooked osso bucco flavour. This version ditches the carrot and tomato to make a 'white' dish... which is probably just as well for your tablecloth.

Bucatini allamatriciana

Bucatini all’Amatriciana

We challenge anyone to eat bucatini and not slurp very loudly. Frankly, the 'spaghetti with the hole' demands it.

Pappardelle with olives and lamb

Thick strands envelop olive and lamb with plenty of EVOO in this springtime stunner. There's plenty to love about this dish.

Spaghetti puttanesca

Sound the alarm, we need arresting by the tidy police. Slurp? You'll near shout this puttanesca spaghetti down.

Spaghetti carbonara

A quick dish with big flavour. Traditional carbonara is all about the bacon, eggs and parmesan, no cream required. The finished result makes for the kind of quiet eating the Italians appear to welcome.

Shellfish spaghetti

An easy throw-together seafood pasta with a good lug of lobster oil for a decadent shellfish flavour topped with tarragon and chives.

Spinach fettuccine alfredo

This recipe suggest adding a slug of cream towards the end of cooking and we highly recommend you do. The greater the cream, the greater the slurp.

Garlic prawn pasta

Garlic prawn pasta

Slather strands of angel hair pasta in melted garlic butter and you're basically asking for a food fight.

Slurp on
Shellfish spaghetti

An easy throw-together seafood pasta with a good lug of lobster oil for a decadent shellfish flavour topped with tarragon and chives.

My family's cumin spaghetti bolognese

Who doesn’t have a family recipe for this global staple? The cumin seed in our version harks back to family and the reality of what it is to live and eat in a cross-cultural world.

Spaghetti aglio e olio

This dish is a great example of Italian cooking philosophy. Just a few simple, good-quality ingredients can create something truly unforgettable.

Stinging nettle tagliatelle

Stinging nettles have a lovely aromatic flavour and distinctive fragrance, so they're great for making vibrant green tagliatelle, dressed here with sage.

Ragú Bolognese with tagliatelle

If there were one, this would be the real 'bolognese' - a slow-cooked veal and pork ragú that's ridiculously rich and flavourful.

7 of the quickest spaghetti wins
In 30 mins, you too can be whirling and twirling spaghetti on your forks.
Bucatini with amatriciana sauce

Amatriciana sauce is a good example of how a few great ingredients can come together with delicious results.

Crab linguine

This nose-to-tail approach to crab pasta uses the brown meat as well as the white flesh and claws to pack a serious flavour punch. Use the freshest crabs you can lay your hands on - you'll be able to taste the difference.

Wholewheat fettuccine with kale, caramelised onions and marinated goat’s cheese

There is a goat and sheep dairy farm in Victoria, Australia, called Meredith Dairy that makes the most amazing marinated cheese. It’s like a soft goat’s cheese but richer from the sheep’s milk, and it can transform pasta like no other cheese. In this recipe, I use my own Marinated Goat’s Cheese, inspired by Meredith Dairy, with great results. If you have neither of these cheeses, it also works well with a good soft goat’s cheese.

I owe credit for this recipe to Melinda Dimitriades, a talented Australian food purveyor and chef, who arrived at my sister’s tiny New York City apartment many years ago with a tub of the famous cheese. She made us a pasta dish that we all swooned over. We have been making variations of it ever since, and this one with kale has become a cold-weather favourite.

Fettuccine with Balmain bugs

This pasta recipe is inspired by a dish Stefano Manfredi cooked with yabbies at Manta in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, and will work equally well with any crustacean. For best results, use pasta made with eggs (all’uovo).