• Best ever rosemary roast potatoes (Petrina Tinslay)Source: Petrina Tinslay
Just a sniff of this garden great takes you back to the first time you ever had focaccia or the first cut into a steaming roast chicken. The flavour and aroma of rosemary is unmatched.
20 Aug 2021 - 10:15 AM  UPDATED 19 Aug 2021 - 2:49 PM

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In some cultures, rosemary is used to ward off bad spirits. Let these rosemary recipes scare off the weird vibes and make the house smell great all at the same time - no Ghostbusters needed.

Focaccia two ways

So delicious and so economical, focaccia bread is perfect for a picnic or easy lunch. It’s really versatile, too, in terms of the different ingredients you can add.

French dip sandwich

Inspired by Cole's French Dips in Los Angeles, this sanga brings its A-game, with slow-cooked beef ribs, gruyere cheese and a rosemary butter.

Rosemary hot white chocolate

In sunny Florida, there are plenty of chilly days when food blogger Anya Kassoff craves rich and warming drinks - especially hot chocolate. Anya likes to prepare it with nourishing ingredients, and this time, she wanted to experiment with it.

Roast tomato soup with rosemary cheese flatbread

This is a comforting Sunday night style supper. A smooth creamy tomato soup with a toasted flatbread full of melted cheese, all with the deliciously woody aroma of rosemary. And it's all cooked in the oven.

Best ever rosemary roast potatoes

Gorgeously golden potatoes from the gods, salty crunchy spuds - there are so many varieties of beautiful potatoes that are great to roast. Look for the starchy varieties rather than the waxy ones, like brushed (Sebago) potatoes.

Best ever rosemary roast potatoes

Red wine and rosemary teriyaki roast lamb

This simple roast lamb takes a spin through Japan, turning red wine and rosemary into a rich teriyaki glaze.

Rosemary spiced cashews

These aromatic and extremely moreish nuts bring together rosemary, orange, cumin and salt in a wonderful combination. They are dead-easy to whip up and make a perfect edible gift. 

Raisin and rosemary cookies

Wholesome and cookie don't really go hand in hand, but this is as close as it gets. The fresh rosemary adds a delightful savouriness, bringing these cookies back from the edge of sweetness. This is a great cookie dough to keep in the freezer - just pre-slice into rounds, then freeze and bake from frozen.

Butterflied chicken with rosemary oil

This herby chicken is cooked until it has a crisp-skinned exterior and tender, juicy interior. In other words, it's the perfect barbecue chicken.

Butterflied chicken with rosemary oil

Rosemary, hazelnut & orange biscotti

These biscotti are perfect for dipping into your coffee. They’re really crunchy with a slightly savoury edge due to the rosemary. Biscotti require two rounds of baking, so turn off your oven while the biscuit logs cool after the first bake.

Rosemary, hazelnut & orange biscotti

Garden cake

A beautiful lemon and olive-oil cake that's moist, full of flavour and topped with delightful flowers and rosemary.

Pata de cordero

Baste your lamb with a herb brush made from rosemary, thyme and bay leaves as it cooks to replicate the laurel branches used by 'asadores' in the Argentine countryside.

Rhubarb, rosemary and ginger Monte Carlos

Paired with rhubarb to cut through the sweetness, and rosemary to dabble in the land of savoury complexity, these biscuit sandwiches are a sure ticket to grown-up joy.

Roasted pumpkin, rosemary and goats cheese pasta bake

Pasta bakes are the ultimate in comfort dinners. The gluten-free beauty brings pumpkin, crème fraiche and goat's cheese to the mix, dishing up one creamy bake.

Heirloom carrots with rosemary balsamic demi-glace

A great way to serve these carrots is with Desiree Nielsen's aromatic sage-fried tofu. It's a creation that's simple enough for a midweek meal, and fancy enough for a vegan dinner party.