• Strawberry and white chocolate and crème fraiche galette (Danielle Abou Karam )Source: Danielle Abou Karam
Don't leave them on the shelf - buy them, cut them up and make one of these beauties.
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Did you know the average strawberry has 200 seeds? Is one of the first fruits to ripe in spring? Or that the 'original' strawberry was white?

Dear strawberry, we see you and we want more of you. 

Clear out your freezer and make way for these frosty beauties

Strawberry cheesecake ice pops

Part cheesecake, part ice block - what's not to love?

Coconut, lime and strawberry popsicles

When strawberries are at the end of their season, these popsicles are a good way to use those last, tired-looking ones. You can exchange the water for milk, if dairy isn’t an issue for you.

Strawberry and pistachio ice-cream cake

There is something wonderful about ice-cream cakes. This one is a layer of cheat’s strawberry ice-cream sandwiched with orange-scented pistachio meringue. It makes a wonderful dessert for any summer celebration.

Strawberries-and-cream icy poles (paletas de fresas y crema)

These are a popular summertime treat sold at street stalls across Mexico and come in a variety of refreshing flavours.

Strawberry and rose mess

Put yourself in Ottolenghi's hands with his no-pressure dessert - it's called "mess" for a reason.

Throw a #smashastrawb afternoon tea - these recipes have a crowd in mind

Yoghurt cake with strawberries

From River Cottage Australia's Paul West, this is a trusty throw-it-together cake to go with a cuppa. 

Turkish delight trifle

Strawberries and custard are all grown up.

Strawberry and white chocolate and crème fraiche galette

The best kind of flake is one that's alongside pastry and this one gets a strawberry and white choc topping. Go on...

Strawberry and white chocolate and crème fraiche galette

Try roasting strawberries to concentrate their flavour

Strawberry, basil and lemon trifle

The roasted strawberries partner up with a basil-lemon syrup.

Strawberry jelly with roasted strawberry fool

Don't be a fool and serve just plain whipped cream with your jelly. Fold through roasted strawberries to double the berry hit.

Buy up big and jar them

Low-sugar strawberry jam

Capitalise on the $1-a-punnet price tag and make jam. This low-sugar version makes the jam more colourful and is, obviously, less sweet so the fruit flavour triumphs.

Strawberry and vanilla conserve

When strawberries are at their peak and inexpensive make a batch of this beautiful conserve to give away as gifts.

Sip strawberry drinks by the jugful

Strawberry marg madness

Exactly what it sounds like: a boozy look-at-me margarita, made with coconut water for zippiness.

Strawberry daiquiri kill kill

A refreshing shake for hot spooky nights.

Strawberry sucker-punch

When too much strawberry just isn’t enough.

Strawberry rollercoaster donut apocalypse

Strawberry heaven crossed with a day at an amusement park – with all of the cotton candy and jelly donuts you could dream of.

Live your best #brekkielyfe

Strawberry & rose chia pudding

Rosewater and strawbs are BFFS from way back - they add a fresh and fragrant lightness to this chia breakfast bowl. 

Strawberry & rose chia pudding

‘Atom’ smoothie

The streets of Turkey’s food-obsessed town of Gaziantep are dotted with fresh juice shops, where you can get anything from a simple nar (pomegranate) to the famous ‘atom’. 

Brittany crêpes with strawberries (crêpes de Bretagne aux framboises)

Brittany is regarded as the birthplace of these lovely delicate pancakes, so much so that every family in Brittany knows how to cook them. You can fill the crêpes with almost anything, but make sure you rest the batter prior to cooking, as this allows the gluten to relax and makes for a tender, delicate pancake.

French toast (pain perdu)

The origin of this famous French dish actually goes back to Ancient Rome. It became popular in France in medieval times when cooks needed to use all produce on hand, such as stale bread – hence the name, ‘pain perdu’, meaning lost bread.

And just when you thought you've done everything you can with strawberries...

Strawberry risotto 

This tart risotto has a surprisingly savoury flavour, similar to tomato, and is traditionally eaten for lunch or dinner in Rome.

Strawberry 'foie gras' with strawberry and rose sorbet

Use leftover strawberry purée in smoothies or muffins. Leftover meringues will keep in an airtight container for up to 1 week. To prevent meringues from cracking, leave in the oven overnight to dry. At Arras restaurant, this dish is served with crystallised rose petals. Start this recipe a day ahead to macerate strawberries.

Asparagus salad with strawberries

This colourful salad would be great for a barbecue to serve something a little different as a side dish and vegetarian option. Summery, light and fresh this recipe looks and tastes divine!

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