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Rest your weary taste buds on the softest pillow imaginable.
30 Sep 2021 - 9:51 AM  UPDATED 1 Oct 2021 - 10:32 AM

Biting into a real marshmallow is the eating equivalent of your head hitting your pillow at the end of a long day. So soft and nurturing that your heart gives a little sigh.

Real marshmallows are nothing like store-bought marshmallows. No matter what the marketers say. The store-bought kind tastes mostly of sugar and promises. Your homemade version melt so quickly and sweetly on the tongue that you'll momentarily wonder if this is what dreams taste like.

Sweet secrets that would even put Willy Wonka to shame
From freezer stash choc crumble to marvellous marshmallow (it’s easier than you might think!) here are some of our favourite expert tips.

Once you make a batch of softly springy marshmallows, you'll never go back. Or, you might pick up a packet purely for jamming onto sticks and melting over the embers of the coals. Homemade marshmallows are far too good (and a little bit too melty) to waste on such a plain ritual.

Instead, put them into one of these recipes and let your heart sigh loudly with pleasure.

Honey, honey

First, we make the marshmallows. Matthew Evan's honey and orange blossom version are everything you're going to love in a homemade marshmallow. Subtly sweet with a gentle fragrance that isn't overpowered by excess saccharine. You'll also quickly learn just how easy it is to whip up a homemade version.

Marbled morsels

Add a colourful swirl to make your treats just a little bit fancy. Otherwise, this vanilla marshmallow recipe is a plain base to add any kind of flavouring you like. Honeycomb marshmallows, anyone?

Biscuit makeover

This is an Anzac biscuit, but not as you know it. Marshmallow joins forces with chocolate and coconut to bring out the classic Aussie bickie's sweet side.

Go-go vovo

Iced Vovo trifle

Homemade marshmallows help celebrate the iced vovo biscuit in Katherine Sabbath's trifle homage. The marshmallows are flavoured pink by adding raspberry puree, then jammed in with jelly, sponge, cream and the iconic bickies themselves.

Polly Waffle roll

Like the classic chocolate bar, but in giant roulade form! #BringBackTheClassics

S'more like it

Homemade s’mores

Americans can't get enough of this dessert (hence the name - s'more/some more). You're about to find out why. Your homemade marshmallows meet your homemade graham crackers in a match made in fireside heaven.

Sweet top

Sweet potato pies with marshmallow tops

Marshmallow makes a wonderful fluffy topping for any kind of sweet. Even sweet potato pies. This ultra-light marshmallow topping would also make a wonderful topping for your next chocolate cake.

The ultimate chocolate cakes for every occasion
From cake for one to the cake that's all about the icing, there's a chocolate hero here for every desire.

Unexpected twist

Chocolate marshmallow knots

Kirsten Tibballs' chocolate marshmallow knots take the marshmallow square for a turn. They're not half as fiddly to make as they look, but definitely as fun.

Petite mores

Delightful little morsels that utilise the power of strawberry marshmallows. Oh yes, you're going to add strawberries to your standard marshmallow mix and thank yourself profusely with every pleasing bite.

Use your new homemade marshmallows skills to lift these recipes

Any recipe using marshmallows is good, but it's even better when you toss in your homemade marshmallows rather than store-bought. Try it and see.

Crackle on

What happens when you combine two childhood favourite treats? Chocolate crackly mallowy yum, is what.

Banana toast

Take a banana and your homemade marshmallows, add a few squares of chocolate and voila. Instant new favourite campfire dessert. Thank you, Poh.

Blondie gift

Cut your marshmallows up fine and add them to brown butter blondies. The soft marshmallows provide lovely 'give' amongst the crunch of chocolate chunks and nuts.

Not-so-rocky road

Moroccan rocky road

This Moroccan version of rocky road is already pretty special, with Frangelico, coffee, almonds, candied oranges and dates adding plenty of interesting flavour. But just wait until you add those homemade marshies. 

Richo’s rocky road

Rocky road has to be the ultimate no-bake dessert. This recipe includes all the old favourites, but save it for the grown-ups only: there's a sneaky shot of rum in there, used to soak a handful of currants.

Rocky road muffins

Muffins are easy to make – just remember not to stir too much and overwork the batter or you will end up with a dense texture instead of light, fluffy muffins. Here’s our rocky road muffin recipe.

Roll with it

If you've ever had a Wagon Wheel (and if you haven't, go ahead and do), then you'll know how exciting it is to learn that all the WW flavours could merge with French toast and be eaten for breakfast. You honestly have to wonder how some recipes are ever arrived at, but you're endlessly grateful the journey was made.

Treat yourself
Menorcan nougat (cuscussó)

Nougat was brought to Menorca by the Moors, and is now a traditional Christmas sweet on the island.

Two-ingredient chocolate fudge
Chocolate and sweetened condensed milk come together to make a fudge reminiscent of brigadeiros.
Homemade chocolate freckles

You can't help but smile when you're eating these cute and colourful, rainbow-topped chocolate buttons. 

Chocolate nougat

Nougat is believed to have originated in ancient Rome, made for special occasions and as an offering to the gods. Traditionally it's a combination of egg whites, honey and almonds, but this recipe adds dark chocolate for all you chocolate lovers!

Musk sticks

These musk sticks taste like the ones we had as kids. A little crisp on the outside, and tender in the centre, these are the ‘goldilocks’ of the musk-stick world – the aroma, flavour and texture are just right. 

Homemade Twix bars

When it’s time for resolutions, I bet a lot of people have ‘eat better’ on their list. Me too. But instead of sticking strictly to kale salads, I think more about my sweet intake. I love sweets, so I’m not going to give the food group up entirely, but I am going to try not to eat desserts unless they're homemade. Let’s start with these homemade Twix. They’re surprisingly simple and considerably more delicious than the original. Less sweet. More butter. More crunch. More salt. Better chocolate. Can’t argue with that.

Cherry ripe bites

These cherry chocolate bites taste exactly like the bars you get from the shops! Made with only five ingredients, they contain no added sugar – only fresh fruit.

Fleur de Sel pecan caramels

These delightful caramels are soft and chewy with a salty edge to balance against the sugary sweetness.

Hard toffee
Caramel popcorn