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When the urge to snack hits, you don't want to muck around.
5 Nov 2021 - 11:22 AM  UPDATED 10 Nov 2021 - 4:03 PM

It's 9pm and you just can't settle. Dinner was great and all, but you're still craving... something. Something sweet? Savoury? Or in-betweeny (we're looking at you, Japanese fruit sandos)?

Whatever feeling your snack attack is pelting at you, we've got you covered. That's because the world snacks well. From Japanese strawberry sandwiches (trust us, it works) to American fried potato nests to Filipino barbecued banana - there's a snack to satisfy every craving you never knew existed.

The best bit? All of these (reasonably) healthy treats can be pulled together in 15 minutes flat.

Told you we had you sorted!

About those sandos

Are you tempted yet? You should be! These fruit sandos taste remarkably like cheesecake, but even better because they are so easy to prepare.

Grill it

A little time under the grill brings out the sweetness in rockmelon. Then you add feta for saltiness, honey for sweetness and ginger and turmeric for balance and there you are, snacking on a masterpiece.

Easy layers

Another one for the sweet-toothed, these mango yoghurt pots are a good reminder that you don't have to overly complicate the snack. Simple is good.

Strawberry vanilla yoghurt

A super-easy yoghurt that makes a great dessert or breakfast. Strawberries have a natural sweetness but are surprisingly low in sugar.

Raise the bar

These cherry almond butter granola bars look complicated and time-consuming but are anything but. Throw a whole bunch of stuff into a bowl, mix and flatten into a tray. All done in under 10 minutes. A word of warning, however... this is planned snack territory. You will need to chill the flattened result for a couple of hours. Or you could just eat the unchilled mix out of a bowl with a spoon. No one is looking.

Rocky that pocky

Adam Liaw makes these fat pockys out of breadsticks and chocolate buttons. Oh, and sprinkles. Don't forget the sprinkles.

Hot dogs and fairy bread

It's the killer party combination that always brings the smiles.

Salty-sweet pop

Popcorn is the king of fast snacking, but you don't have to stick with either salted or plain. Mix it up with some spice, peanuts and currants and you've got yourself a popcorn bhuja mix to call your own.

Banoffee popcorn crunch

Don’t baulk at cooking caramel. It only takes 5 minutes and it’s the only way to get that candied crunch on these clusters. The trick is to work quickly before the caramel sets. We’ve chosen to toss the popcorn in a lightly oiled roasting tray (instead of a bowl), so the popcorn gets coated in caramel evenly and the oil stops the caramel from sticking to the tray.

Wasabi popcorn with nori

Wasabi peas are not just for snacking on. Crush these nose-hair tingling bombs to a fine powder and you've got an instant textural garnish for salads, combine the powder with breadcrumbs for your next katsu, or do as we've done here: combine with icing sugar and use to toss popcorn in for a wasabi smackdown.

Chilli-garlic butter popcorn

We all love a buttery popcorn but no-one likes soggy popcorn. The trick for coating popcorn with butter is to drizzle it over the popcorn in two batches, tossing well after each drizzle with your hands, then serve in a clean bowl, leaving behind any excess butter.


Sure, you could just grab a banana and snack on that, but where's the fun? Or the caramelisation? Sugar does amazing things when banana hits the heat, as you're about to find out.

On a roll

Whipping up a Korean omelette seems like the right way to snack. You could pretty much make any kind of omelette in under 15 minutes and be onto a winner.

Veggie omelette

Silky and satisfying, this omelette fits your fancied-up breakfast cravings, but could also work well as for a light lunch or dinner. 

Masala omelette

This is one of my favourite meals and comes into play well beyond breakfast time. It is quite different from a “normal” omelette in texture which is soft and eggy. This omelette is cooked until golden on both sides and spongy rather than soft. I often grate some cheese in the middle before folding it on my plate or add some sautéed mushrooms into the mix. The textures all work really well together and is really delicious. Serve with toast or hash browns and plenty of ketchup.

Sweet omelette

Eggs are nature's perfect food, containing every nutrient except vitamin C. They sustain you for hours and assist with weight control. Oh, the fun I've had with eggs! This recipe has undoubtedly become my signature dish.

Fried things

Fried mozzarella balls (mozzarella fritta)

Cheese plus crumb fried equals bliss.

Fried mozzarella sandwich (mozzarella in carrozza)

Soft bread sandwiches are filled with mozzarella cheese and anchovies, drenched in egg, then fried. Pure cheesy, salty toastie goodness. 

More fried cheese

Fried cheese

One type of fried cheese is not enough. Especially when this version uses everyone's favourite hot cheese - halloumi. The fact that butter and ouzo have been added is all you need to know about this snack.

Well nested

Got potatoes? Got spiralizer? Make these fried potato nests! You can fill them with whatever you fancy, including egg or cheese or tomatoes or chocolate. Do try the chocolate!

Fritter away

Chickpea fritters (panelle)

Chickpea fritters are a popular street snack in Sicily and they really hit the spot.  Sicilians eat the inside a soft white bread roll, so have a go at that and see what you think.

School prawns with salt of the sea

Taste the sea anytime and anywhere with these mini prawn chips - with real prawns.

Whitebait fritters

The secret behind a good whitebait fritter is all in the whitebait and all it needs is a little egg to hold it all together. Food Safari Water


What's a snack list without pancakes? In this case, Korean mung bean pancakes, which are super simple to make even though they taste superbly complicated.

Lemonade pancakes

My aunty taught me this one, and it’s become my go-to. Super simple. As far as toppings go, I like to re-create my childhood cafe favourite.

Easy blueberry pancakes

A weekend treat, which can be multiplied to serve all the family. Use rolled porridge oats rather than the jumbo variety for the best results.

Toast time

Still hungry? Then it's time for toast. Instead of reaching for the Vegemite, try spreading on the sobrassada. It's Spain's spreadable salami paste that hits the snack spot like no other.

Challah French toast

This is the perfect way to use up leftover challah!

Cheese and ham toasted sandwich

French chef, Gabriel Gaté, presents Taste Le Tour from Paris and talks about the superb French breads and patisseries. French master chef, Philippe Mouchel, prepares a crôque monsieur, a very popular Parisian snack.

Feeling snacky
Rose's savoury zeppole

Rose's secret weapon in these savoury zeppole is potato, cooked and mixed in with the flour, eggs, yeast and milk. Each savoury doughnut is stuffed with an olive or anchovy before frying for an added surprise inside.

Ronnit Hoppe's seed brittle

This brittle is perfect for anyone with a nut allergy, just opt for cocoa nibs instead of flaked almonds. It tastes great sprinkled over ice cream, or as a snack on its own.

Fruity avocado bliss balls

With natural sweetness from dried apricots and healthy fat from avocado, these are great to keep in the fridge or freezer for a snack. 

Almond bread

Almond bread requires two rounds of cooking, so turn off your oven while the bread cools after the first bake. This super crunchy almond bread makes a great accompaniment to a refreshing fruit salad at the end of a meal.

Apricot slices (abrikosskiver)

These are so good that cravings for artificial sugary confections will disappear.

Apple and rye whisky fritters

Warm, crisp, sweet and spicy. It can only be an apple fritter!

Hugh's seedy bars

These seedy slabs are an excellent alternative to those ubiquitous, sugary cereal bars.

Potato pies
Commonly referred to as potato ‘pita’ these filo pies are simplicity personified – and that is what makes them so good!
Fried sticky rice cakes (xoi chien phong)

Theses delicious sticky rice cakes are often served in Vietnam as an accompaniment to grilled chicken or sweet crisp roasted duck but are just as delicious served solo, as a snack, dredged in sugar or icing sugar. Note that a wok is the best cooking vessel to use here and that using a cooking thermometer is by far the safest and most accurate way to monitor the temperature of your oil.

Rice bar

This is to me the absolutely best bar to take on a ride and it has also become the favourite among the cyclists in Team Sky. It’s easy to make and eat and gives loads of energy.