• Flamenco eggs (huevos a la flamenco) (BBC Books / James Murphy)Source: BBC Books / James Murphy
So the silly season is over, but what do you do with all that leftover ham? Here are a few ideas to help you keep things interesting in the ham department, with not a sandwich in sight.
26 Dec 2019 - 1:43 PM  UPDATED 27 Dec 2021 - 7:06 PM

Hong Kong fried rice

Fried rice - the ultimate leftover powerhouse. Just make sure to dice your ham up finely - you want little salty bursts in every mouthful. 

These are the reasons why you don't have to go very far to get your fried rice fix.

Potato and pork dumplings (Hascheeknödel)

Picture this: giant gnocchi stuffed with a minced mixture of sausage, ham and bacon. That's exactly what these Austrian dumplings are.

Flamenco eggs (huevos a la flamenco)

These vibrant Spanish baked eggs get their red hue from smoked paprika. For an extra flavour kick, choose a spicy chorizo to add a warm hum to your breakfast. 

Flamenco eggs (huevos a la flamenco)

Dutch cheese-and-ham bread

If you don't want a ham sandwich but still want bread in the equation, then why not bake your ham into the bread loaf. That way, you get to use up your ham and save the bread real estate for other leftovers! 

Korean sushi roll (kimbap)

Kimbap is a must at any Korean picnic. Traditional versions use bulgogi meat, assorted vegetables and omelette, but you can use anything you'd like. Use leftover ham and pickles for a Christmassy spin on this light Korean meal. 

Savoury scones with leg ham and Colby cheese

Beautifully fresh and fluffy scones always bring their best effort to any table and this savoury version is no different. Definitely serve them warm or just out of the oven with extra ham and cheese, if you like. #homecooked

BBQ pork breakfast rolls

Vietnamese pork rolls are a staple at bakeries across Sydney, so why not make your own version with leftover ham? The plethora of different pickles take just 30 minutes to make, and you can enjoy Bahn mi's in your very own home. 

Bourbon French toast with ham and butter-braised tomato

What's better than a savoury French toast filled with chunks of ham? A savoury French toast filled with ham and topped with bourbon! We accept your eternal gratitude - you're welcome.  


Bourbon French toast with ham and butter-braised tomato

Roast stuffed chicken (rellenong manok)

Bring your stuffing to the next level by using leftover ham. This spectacular Filipino roast chicken is stuffed with ham, cheese, olives, and even whole hard boiled eggs. Like a Turducken, but with more...stuff! Geddit?

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