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What's super-hot, wrapped in paper and goes great with those squishy takeaway containers of sauce?
11 Sep 2020 - 9:45 AM  UPDATED 11 Jan 2022 - 3:10 PM

Fish and chips, and everything else on that you at can remember and pine over. This weekend here's how to get your old-school takeaway on and indulge in deep-fried memories. 

Ahoy! Fisherman’s basket ahead

"This is such a fun way to celebrate summer and relive a few childhood memories. And I’m betting it’ll be the best damn fisherman’s basket you’ve had in years! Instead of a barbecue next time you have a group of friends together for a casual summer al fresco dinner, why not make up a good old-fashioned fisherman’s basket for each person?" Jane Lawson.

1. Potato scallops

‘Whateves’, as the cool kids say. Good potato scallops are fluffy on the inside, with super-crunchy exteriors - whether you call them 'potato cakes', 'potato fritters' or 'potato scallops' (no seafood here), pass ’em over.

Potato scallops

2. Battered sav

Ah, the battered sav - a saveloy sausage, coated in a yeasted batter and deep-fried - used to feature on every fish and chip shop menu in town. The home-made saveloy sausages taste a little like a Frankfurt and you can also use them in homemade hot dogs - just pan-fry or grill them on the barbecue before eating.

Fisherman's Basket

3. Butterflied prawn cutlets

Not just for Chinese takeaways, you know. An essential component of any self-respecting Fisherman’s basket, these cutlets are also great on their own, as mighty fine finger food.

4. Crinkle cut chips

The secret to a good chip should be no surprise - good spuds, good fat and care in the cooking - very wise words Matthew Evans. That said, they’re dead easy to make once you know the routine and we're a big fan of the hand-cut variety.

Crinkle cut chips

5. King George whiting

With its delicate white flesh and light, nutty flavour, King George whiting is perfect for fish and chips. Adam Liaw prepares a simple beer batter, some crispy chips and a fresh, undressed salad to cover all the bases.

6. Pineapple banana fritters

While these two fruity fritters were once the only dessert offerings at fish and chip shops around the nation, this version adds a little spice and coconut to the batter. Jane Lawson also highly recommends serving them with  I Rum & raisin ice cream and caramel syrup.

Pineapple and banana fritters

7. Hamburger with the lot

Nothing beats a burger! This is American diner stack can easily meets Aussie takeaway shop thanks, to the addition of beetroot, pineapple and a fried egg and tomato sauce, of course.

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