From pizza war to fishy business, the new series Devoured delves into true food crimes. Here's something to eat for every episode.
14 Apr 2022 - 10:59 PM  UPDATED 19 Apr 2022 - 10:34 AM

--- Six-part series Devoured premieres at 9.25pm, Saturday 16 April on SBS VICELAND. Episodes air weekly. The full series will also be streaming at SBS On Demand from 16 April. ---


Things are deliciously scandalous - or sometimes deadly  - in this series, narrated by Jon Cryer, which delves into almost unbelievable stories of true food crimes. 

Pizza for 'A slice of Pie'

The series kicks off with a look at events that swirled around accusations of a family recipe being stolen from one of Brooklyn's most successful pizza places, L&B Spumoni Gardens. The perfect eat for this story of pizza perfection and mafia justice? You'll want a recipe from the best: luckily, world pizza champion Johnny Di Francesco shared his pizza margherita recipe in Food Safari Fire.  Want more pizza action? You can also watch two seasons of The Pizza Show, streaming now at SBS On Demand

Crunchy croquettes for the fishy business of 'The Codfather'

Carlos Rafael, nicknamed 'The Codfather' ran one of the largest commercial fishing operations in the U.S. and as one of those interviewed says "you didn't mess with him". It's a colourful story - he was expelled from a monastery school as a teen, started with nothing on the docks and built a huge commercial fishing fleet, and faced allegations including theft, damaging overfishing and tax evasion. Sit down to stories of shady operations and undercover agents with some crunchy golden salt cod croquettes (crocchette di baccalà). 

Honey-sambal chicken for the 'Great Hive Heist'

It's a case of thieves with sticky fingers when hundreds of beehives are stolen.  These very easy to make honey-sambal chicken wings will be just what you need for the buzz of this investigation. (Or if you're after something sweet, get your own fingers sticky with some loukoumades - Greek fritters - with honey and cinnamon syrup.)

Comfort food for 'We All Scream' and 'The Fast Food Killer'

Some of these tales are seriously shocking and sad. 'We All Scream' looks at the death of several people that were connected to the consumption of ice-cream products contaminated with listeria, a potentially life-threatening bacteria. The investigation into the tragedy discovered cases of illness ranging over a five-year period, including three deaths, tied to products from one high-profile US manufacturer. Some simple comfort food might be what you want here - like a big bowl of hearty roasted pumpkin soup. A similar choice might be best when watching another episode, 'The Fast Food Killer', that looks at the actions of a killer who targeted fast-food restaurants in a series of deadly robberies in 1997. 

A Reuben sandwich for 'Deli Wars'

At the world-famous Carnegie Deli infidelity and accusations of stolen recipe put the restaurant in quite a pickle. The owner of the deli accused her husband of cheating on her and sharing the deli's secret family recipes for its signature pastrami and cheesecake. Settle in with a taste of New York in your hands with a Reuben with spicy Russian mayonnaise and dill and garlic pickles

Combining food and crime, documentary series ‘Devoured’ is a recipe for compelling television
Whether it’s the mafia muscling pizza joints in New York City, or corruption in the commercial fishing industry, ‘Devoured’ shines a light on the darker corners of the culinary world.

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