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We join renowned Sydney chef Kylie Kwong in the kitchen, where she shares her unique take on Chinese cuisine. This issue, you’ll also have the chance to explore the cuisine of Java – one of Indonesia’s main islands. Mrs Susilowati Primo, the wife of Indonesia’s ambassador to Australia, shared some of her best recipes to create a wonderful Indonesian menu. One cuisine receiving a lot of attention right now is Peruvian, so we went direct to the source and asked South American expert Nicholas Gill to give us the lowdown on the regional cuisines of the north.

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Ingredient 101: Tonka beans

You might never have cooked with the tonka bean, but chances are you probably know what it smells like without even realising it.

Homegrown: New Norcia, WA

On a visit to Australia’s only monastic town, Kami Ramini discovers Spanish-inspired architecture, organic wines, a historic bakery, and a group of monks who...
There are more than 500 species of squid worldwide, and just as many ways to cook it – from Louisiana’s crumbed calamari sandwich to Vietnam’s popular pork...
My taste for spicy food developed at an early age, and although I love food from other countries, I miss the spices that are the heart of Goan cooking.

Essay: Pauline Nguyen

For one of the restaurateurs behind Sydney’s Red Lantern restaurants, the meat pie, once a symbol of her foreignness as a new immigrant, has since become the...

Homegrown: Gippsland, Vic

In this ruggedly beautiful region in eastern Victoria, Sarina Lewis discovers the legacy of a rich European heritage, and meets the locals who continue to weave...


These  eggs are inspired by the meals served on rural Mexican farms. 
The perfect accompaniment to Canada's famous maple syrup, blueberry pancakes are so popular in Ontario that they have their own carnival, the annual Barrie Hills...
Hydrolysed lime is a white alkaline powder that is used in Thai cooking to make pancakes extra crisp and pickles firm and crunchy. If you can’t find it, the...
Besan or chickpea flour forms the base of these Indian crepes, which are served with a classic potato curry, yoghurt, fresh mint and store-bought chutney.