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We were inspired by Psy to discover what’s popular to eat in the Seoul suburb of Gangnam – our delicious findings can be found in this issue. Thai is an unquestionabe favourite here, so we asked Amy Chanta, of Chat Thai restaurant fame, to share some of her favourite street food from Bangkok. Peruvian chef Alejandro Saravia let us step into the kitchen of his Sydney restaurant Morena. And, of course, who can go past chocolate at Easter time?

Alix Davis

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Loved Gangnam Style and hungry for more K-pop? SBS serve up non-stop hits on PopASIA TV, and we’ve created a banquet inspired by Seoul’s Gangnam district.

Editor's letter

I’ll admit it. I am responsible for at least four of the 1.3 billion (and counting) views of Psy’s Gangnam Style video on YouTube.


Lamb gets a Latin spin, with cumin, cinnamon and mild chillies.
The perfect match to some saccharine K-pop tunes are these bright pink sweets – soft sticky rice balls are drizzled in a sugar, honey and lemon syrup. If you...