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Welcome to the first issue of Feast - the new food magazine that's about so much more than just food. Like the experience on SBS, Feast is about authenticity, exploration and passion. We love to cook, travel and share a meal with our family and friends, but most of all, we want to discover the stories behind the food: the provenance of recipes; the unique ingredients and cooking styles of cuisines; how specific food is traditionally served; and the people who create, eat and enjoy these dishes.

Alix Davis

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Features in this issue

Celebrate: Argentinian barbecue

Argentines love any excuse to throw some meat on the barbie or, in this case, the parillada. Here, a family in Adelaide show how they like to fire it up when they...
Over the past 10 years, the 3000-plus Koreans who have made Perth their home have brought their family-oriented food culture to the inner city. Today, on the...

Chef in action: Luke Nguyen

The Sydney chef and host of Luke Nguyen's Vietnam may have grown up in Australia, but the colours and flavours of Vietnam keep him committed to the traditions of...

My neighbour's kitchen: Kolokasi

When I left my home town of Kyrenia in Cyprus during the Turkish invasion in 1974, all I had was the dress I was wearing and my mother’s recipe for kolokasi ...

Ingredient 101: Ancho chillies

Originally from Puebla in central Mexico, the ancho chilli is a dried poblano chilli and is one of the most common varieties of chilli in Mexican cooking. It has...

Essay: Anton Enus

SBS news presenter Anton Enus relishes sweet childhood memories of his stoic grandmother in Cape Town, South Africa.


Oliebollen are traditionally made and enjoyed as a New Years treat in Holland. Fried until golden and served warm dusted with icing sugar they are irresistable!
These Portuguese donuts are irresistible! The crème pâtissière is made with a generous amount of egg yolks resulting in a rich and luscious filling.
This popular snack is filled to order with chocolate or dulce de leche (a caramel, which, in Brazil, is called doce de leite).
Soaked in honey and lemon syrup and fragrant with orange blossom water, these Tunisian doughnuts capture the flavours of North Africa.
These moreish biscuits are spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice, plus a dash of black pepper to balance the flavours. Serve with mulled wine (vin...