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Welcome to the first issue of Feast - the new food magazine that's about so much more than just food. Like the experience on SBS, Feast is about authenticity, exploration and passion. We love to cook, travel and share a meal with our family and friends, but most of all, we want to discover the stories behind the food: the provenance of recipes; the unique ingredients and cooking styles of cuisines; how specific food is traditionally served; and the people who create, eat and enjoy these dishes.

Alix Davis

Bring the world to your kitchen

Features in this issue

Homegrown: Woolgoolga, NSW

Woolgoolga takes one part surf and adds one part spice to give the NSW beachside holiday town its unique Indian flavour.

Global roaming: Picnics in Paris

Renowned Parisian blogger and cookbook author Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini reveals her favourite picnic spots and food shops in her iconic city.

Butcher skills: Jointing rabbit

Anthony Puharich, of renowned Sydney Butchers, Vic's Meats and Victor Churchill, demonstrates jointing rabbit, step by step.


Laced with cinnamon, cloves, juniper berries and oranges, this French mulled wine is spicy, citrusy and warming to the core. Serve with spiced biscuits (spéculoos).
This beautiful French gâteau can be made with blood plums that are fresh or from the jar. Not your average cake batter, the recipe calls for olive oil and yoghurt.
This witlof gratin is perfect as a light meal or a decadent side dish. Pair it with our poulet rôti au estragon (roast tarragon chicken).
Braising is a great option when cooking rabbits, as the lean meat is best cooked slowly. This recipe calls for the rabbit backstraps to be wrapped in pancetta....
This ice cream needs to be made a day ahead to ensure it’s frozen and ready to go. Mastic is a resinous sap from the mastic tree, which is native to Greece. Salep...
This typical breakfast dish includes peyniri (Turkish cheese) and sucuk, a spicy, cured beef sausage. If you can’t find sucuk, you could use another kind of...