Editor's Note

It was a tough choice to narrow the choices down for our curry issue, but we think we’ve come up with a great cross-section of techniques, cultures and heat. If curry’s not your thing, then grab your spandex for our TV dinner featuring a Eurovision-inspired smorgasbord. Sometimes, life gives you lemons, in which case we suggest checking out our One Ingredient, Six Cultures feature and whipping up the Shaker lemon tart.

Alix Davis

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From the farm: Biscuits

From golden gingerbread to a new take on Anzacs, Matthew Evans shows you how effortless and rewarding it is to bake your own biscuits. You’ll never eat...
This orange/citron hybrid was introduced to the Middle East and Mediterranean from Asia via Arab traders. By the 15th century, Colombus had brought it to the...

Editor's letter

When we first started thinking about our curry issue a few months ago, the ideas were flying thick and fast. Curry is a dish, or style of dish, that spans so many...

Homegrown: Carnarvon, WA

This remote town 900 km north of Perth has benefitted from perfect growing conditions, gaining a reputation for its extra-sweet banana variety, plump tomatoes and...
This annual songfest is a celebration of all things European – the good, the bad and the kitsch. but, in homage to Sweden, this year’s host country, we’ve taken a...


Bring on the steins for these bratwurst hotdogs sandwiched in chewy pretzel-style rolls with our cheat's sauerkraut.
Spinach, leek, herbs, eggs and two types of cheese come together inside layers of golden pastry. 
Croquettes are a wonderful technique to master. Do it with squid and everything else will be a cinch.