Editor's Note

It was a tough choice to narrow the choices down for our curry issue, but we think we’ve come up with a great cross-section of techniques, cultures and heat. If curry’s not your thing, then grab your spandex for our TV dinner featuring a Eurovision-inspired smorgasbord. Sometimes, life gives you lemons, in which case we suggest checking out our One Ingredient, Six Cultures feature and whipping up the Shaker lemon tart.

Alix Davis

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The curry champions

Christine Manfield, David Thompson, Madhur Jaffrey, Peter Kuruvita, Adam Liaw and Charmaine Solomon all know a thing or two about curries. Our stellar line-up of...

Global roaming: San Sebastián

“Where’s the party?” that’s the obvious question when you hit the streets of San Sebastian. There must be something big happening – a fiesta, football game or...


These beef rolls filled with porcini mushrooms are sure to hit the spot. Buckwheat groats (kasha) are a staple in Eastern Europe, but you can just as easily...
While lussekatter are traditionally eaten on Saint Lucia's Day in December, we reckon these buttery saffron buns make fantastic year-round treats.
Cast your votes for your favourite performances as you enjoy these spiced chicken skewers with lemony pearl couscous and creamy labneh.
Start the party with this punchy broad bean dip laced with garlic and chilli, a popular Maltese snack that's a cinch to make.
This recipe is a variation on the classic charlotte russe, created by famed French pâtissier and confectioner Marie-Antoine Carême. Instead of full cream or...
This savoury dish combines the classic Mediterranean flavours of garlic, lemon, capers and white wine. Lemons were introduced to Spain in the 11th century, and...