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I believe that one of life’s little pleasures is slurping noodles. Whether it’s tagliatelle slathered in a rich tomato sauce, a ramen noodle liberated from its meaty broth or a rice noodle bright with Thai chilli syrup, they’re all a delight – especially if you manage to consume them without splattering sauce over yourself or any dining companions. That’s why we decided to devote this issue to noodles and long pasta of every description.

Alix Davis

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As spring slowly begins to arrive on Puggle Farm, Matthew whips up delicious baked goods and a few Sardinian-inspired dishes to melt the last few traces of frost.
The blocks around Angove and Fitzgerald streets in North Perth tend to hold a nostalgic place in the hearts of local Italians.
Originating in South-East Asia, the banana plant is actually a giant flowering herb. Its fruit, in addition to being the perfect portable snack, is embraced as an...
Peruvians are very proud of their food. It is a frequent topic of conversation and, as each region has its own unique cuisine, it is a significant part of the...

Homegrown: King Valley, Vic

Sarina Lewis discovers the innate simplicity and seasonality of Italian cuisine, as she signs up to learn about the time-honoured culinary traditions at four...

Global roaming: Rome

All roads may lead to rome, but as alix clark discovers, there are MANY different ways to hit the ancient cobblestones once you're there.


My mum would make this quinoa lamb stew. While you can use other types of meat in place of lamb, the lamb reminds me of my dad because he used to take care of...
"At Simone’s Restaurant, we serve a version of this simple country dish puréed in a glass, then topped with a drizzle of oil, burrata and a sprig of basil,"...
This is Josie and Salvatore Politini's recipe for arancini, which they serve at their salami-making workshops.
"This is my mother-in-law Rosetta's recipe," says Katrina Pizzini. "She worked with an Austrian pastry chef when she was young, and that’s where she learnt it."