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I believe that one of life’s little pleasures is slurping noodles. Whether it’s tagliatelle slathered in a rich tomato sauce, a ramen noodle liberated from its meaty broth or a rice noodle bright with Thai chilli syrup, they’re all a delight – especially if you manage to consume them without splattering sauce over yourself or any dining companions. That’s why we decided to devote this issue to noodles and long pasta of every description.

Alix Davis

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To market: Asian Sari Sari Store

Providing a range of foods and services, this Filipina-run shop is keeping homesickness at bay for Darwin’s multicultural community.


A sweet simple way to end the feast, these bite-sized, crispy fritters of banana and rice flour have just a hint of cinnamon.
This crowd-pleasing snack is a popular dish for Eid al-Fitr celebrations in Sierra Leone.
A salad unlike any other, this pineapple, chilli and mint extravaganza is perfect for a summer's eve.
Bananas are ubiquitous on this Caribbean island and have a natural affinity with brown sugar, one of Jamaica’s most famous exports. The first printed recipe for...
The cuisine of Martinique, a French territory in the Caribbean, brings together French and Caribbean ingredients, and these cheesecakes with caramel and banana...
Making cakes and other sweets by steaming them was originally a necessity in many parts of Asia. These days, even though domestic ovens are more common, it’s...