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One of the most enduring memories of my childhood is the sound of exploding bottles of ginger beer. We all enjoyed the bubbly ginger beer my mother brewed from the fearsome-looking “plant” kept in the fridge. This issue, we celebrate getting hands-on with breads, cheeses (haloumi is surprisingly simple), sauces (yes, you can make your own HP sauce) and a no-smoking-involved bacon. Sure there’s more effort required than ducking off to the local shop, but we loved the satisfaction that came from making food.

Alix Davis

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Editor's letter

One of the most enduring memories of my childhood is the sound of exploding bottles of homemade ginger beer.

Eating out: Café La Playa

With a team of bustling Spanish cooks in charge of the kitchen, this tapas restaurant in Port Kembla is the place to go for an authentic fiesta.

Homegrown: Bruny Island, Vic

This remote outpost off the coast of Tasmania has become a vibrant gourmet region. Edwina Dick discovers the dedicated farmers and producers who are cementing the...

To market: The Dutch Shop

Sweet tooths should head to Sydney's Smithfield to enjoy ginger cake, waffles and more than 100 types of liquorice found at this gabled store full of all things...
Celebrate cherry blossom season with a special Feast reader event with Saké Restaurant & Bar.

Make it from scratch

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes from making something you would normally buy, from scratch. Sure, it takes longer than ducking up to the...


Although not traditional, we've served these cakes with sugar-poached persimmons.
Sour cream is the secret ingredient here, giving the sponge a great texture and balancing the sweetness of the frosting.