Editor's Note

Tearing into a perfectly chewy bagel is a wonderful thing – especially when it’s been toasted and topped with a very non-traditional smear (definitely not a schmear!) of butter and Vegemite. I love the contrast of that salty extract against the slight sweetness of the bagel and the dense texture that lets you know this is a real bagel. My most recent real bagel was in the Polish Rye Crust Bakery in Dandenong – one of our ‘bread stars’ in this, our special bread issue. Andrew Lipiszko
takes great pride in baking the breads and pastries of his
Polish background and the results are there for the tasting
in his wonderful range of baked goods. It was experiences like these that inspired us to create this issue all about bread – from simple flatbreads and more-ish stuffed breads, to cinnamon sugar-dredged sweet bread and flavourful salads where bread is an integral ingredient.

Alix Davis

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The vendors at Eating World in Sydney's Chinatown are catering to a new wave of food appreciation sweeping across the nation's Asian food courts as customers...

Homegrown: Margaret River, WA

Moving to the Margaret River region to indulge his two loves of cooking and surfing, chef Tony Howell landed at Cape Lodge, collecting many accolades during his...

Global roaming: Abruzzo

Bordered by the Adriatic Coast and towering Apennines mountains, Abruzzo remained untouched for centuries by outsiders. Now, this region ripe with tradition and...
John Lee offers a taste of home for Adelaide’s Korean community, but they’re not the only ones eager to explore the ingredients stocked on his shelves – and that...

From the farm: Barbecue

Matthew makes the most of the last rays of sunshine and warm weather before autumn kicks in on Puggle Farm, and heads outside to cook over a flame.


It all begins the same way – with water and flour, and perhaps a little yeast.


Versions of this comforting dish are made throughout the Middle East.
Typically eaten in northern China where wheat rather than rice is the staple carbohydrate, these soft and fluffy steamed buns are filled with a range of...
These pakodas are a beloved streetside snack in Mumbai. A spicy potato filling and a lashing of chutney is sandwiched between slices of white bread – it’s then...
This flaky, buttery bread is a staple in Malaysia’s Mamak stalls. Use it to mop up a modern favourite – butter prawns.
These rolls, from Yasmin Newman's 7000 Islands cookbook, are a popular way to eat leftover adobo in the Philippines.
Often served at weddings and celebrations, this bread pudding is a specialty of the Hyderabadi region and sees pan-fried bread slices soaked in cardamom-scented...