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Tearing into a perfectly chewy bagel is a wonderful thing – especially when it’s been toasted and topped with a very non-traditional smear (definitely not a schmear!) of butter and Vegemite. I love the contrast of that salty extract against the slight sweetness of the bagel and the dense texture that lets you know this is a real bagel. My most recent real bagel was in the Polish Rye Crust Bakery in Dandenong – one of our ‘bread stars’ in this, our special bread issue. Andrew Lipiszko
takes great pride in baking the breads and pastries of his
Polish background and the results are there for the tasting
in his wonderful range of baked goods. It was experiences like these that inspired us to create this issue all about bread – from simple flatbreads and more-ish stuffed breads, to cinnamon sugar-dredged sweet bread and flavourful salads where bread is an integral ingredient.

Alix Davis

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I came to Australia because of the unstable situation in Laos. In 1976 I escaped to a refugee camp in Thailand with three of my siblings. We stayed there for...

Bread bites

Chefs Luke Nguyen and Shane Delia tell us their favourite bread memories for our special bread issue.


Taking its name from the Arabic word for ‘engraved’ because of the indentations on the dough, this pizza is a breakfast favourite.
These thin flatbreads, referred to as pancakes, are scattered with filling before being enclosed and cooked on a saj, a large iron griddle.
This simple bread is a Moroccan favourite – commonly made and eaten as an accompaniment to home-cooked meals.
This traditional flatbread, scored in a decorative wheel pattern, has a unique sweet-savoury flavour, the sweetness being balanced by heady cardamom. It is...
Keema chapati is often served in a breakfast banquet and topped with yoghurt or a sweet chutney.
Sometimes referred to as bulla cake, these sweet, flat rolls are spiced with ginger and, often, molasses. They are a popular snack for school children and can...