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Peter Piper and his peck of pickled peppers could well be an item turning up on the menu of one of the many restaurants and cafes that have embraced pickling, preserving and fermentation recently. Chefs and home cooks across the country are madly sterilising jars and filling them with everything from cabbage to octopus to watermelon in a food preservation method that spans centuries and cultures. If you’re looking for more mellow flavours, the earthiness of our One Ingredient, Six Cultures: Mushrooms story this month is sure to appeal. Travelling and eating are two things that get us really excited here at Feast and Robyn Eckhardt’s story on Tamil Nadu, India’s most southern state, had us simultaneously drooling and working out when we could take a visit of our own. The huge variety of street food is astounding and we’re sure Robyn’s spice-filled journey into the heart of this region will inspire you to cook, travel or both.

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Global roaming: Tamil Nadu

Welcome to India’s southern-most state, where the colours are brighter, the spices are fresher, and every dish is even better than the last.

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Cookie batter and a cast-iron skillet unite to make the supersized, beloved American ‘skookie’.
Eaten either as a main dish or as an accompaniment, fragrant and aromatic lime rice is a specialty in Tamil Nadu.
The recipe for this kozhambu comes from cookbook author Sabita Radhakrishna’s mother. The daikon absorbs liquid as it cooks in the curry, becoming soft and juicy.
This simple tomato chutney is a staple in southern India where it is eaten as a condiment with most meals.
This easy coconut chutney is often eaten as an accompaniment to idli or dosa in Tamil Nadu.
This rich and comforting curry, with just a hint of spice, is a much-loved dish in Tamil Nadu in the south of India.