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It’s hard to know what we’re most excited about this month – is it the mouth-watering burgers from around the world, the crispy, crunchy and oh-so-flavourful fried chicken or the incredible Australian produce recommended by some of the country’s best chefs?
Fried chicken is a comfort that we are craving come winter, and KFC (Korean fried chicken) is leading the charge in luring eaters away from the Colonel and towards more adventurous offerings. We ask some of our best-known chefs to choose their favourite Aussie ingredient and then share their recipe. Neil Perry, Tetsuya Wakuda and Guy Grossi, to name just a few, were happy to oblige. Plus we’ve got plenty of local travel, some luscious citrus winter desserts and the most-feared noodle hawker in Penang.
Happy feasting!

Alix Davis

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What do the street food carts of Thailand, the kitchens of America’s deep south, the bustling Shilin night markets in Taipei and Chennai’s Buhari restaurant in...

Eating out: Abell’s Kopi Tiam

Drawing a constant stream of Loyal Followers, this authentic Malaysian ‘Coffee shop’ offers both Asian classics and modern creations in the country’s capital.

To market: Salamanca Market

For over 40 years, both locals and travellers alike have been drawn to this busy outdoor market that offers the freshest produce from the apple isle.
Birgit Koller shows us how she makes Swiss nut croissants (nussgipfel).


These choux pastries are filled with lemon curd, dipped in lemon icing and topped with candied zest.
A wintery take on the classic British Eton mess, this highly-textured dessert is layered with poppy seed meringue, fruity mascarpone and caramel-coated orange...
Crack through the crisp golden shell to reveal a creamy, citrusy custard subtly flavoured with ginger.
Vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean add a Greek accent to this comfort food dish. The Greeks are the masters of succulent, marinated meats, and this chicken is...
America’s south offers rich pickings for fried chicken, where there are as many recipes for this Sunday favourite as there are cooks. Marinating the chicken in...
Originating in Taipei’s Shilin night markets, the juicy schnitzel-style snack measures in at about 30 cm long. Its crumbly crunchy coating is generously doused in...