Editor's Note

Football fever has well and truly struck the SBS Feast office as we gear up for the World Cup in Brazil. When we weren’t practicing our ball skills, comparing jerseys and perfecting our team cheers we were busy taste testing some soccer snacks from around the world.

To find out more about the food of Brazil, we asked Fernanda de Paula, host of SBS’s This is Brazil!, to write a feature on the regional variations of this fascinating country.

We love discovering new food stories at Feast and this month we feel privileged to present the food of Sydney’s Cossack community, who invited us to join them at their sports club for the day. This is simple, hearty food that’s just perfect as winter sets in.

Happy feasting!

Alix Davis

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Traditional family recipes cooked with a harmonious blend of spice bring the heat and flavour of australia’s neighbouring archipelago to this Adelaide eatery.

Homegrown: North Queensland

Set in a verdant corridor between rainforest and reef, these two Far North Queensland destinations are as full of abundant produce as they are local characters,...

Global roaming: Buenos Aires

I’ve been invited to a dinner party. That’s not usually an event worthy of an opening line, but in Buenos Aires, a city where I don’t know anyone, an invite to...

Global roaming: Brazil

Sprawling over eight million square kilometres, Brazil is as massive as it is culturally and geographically diverse.
Roast lamb on a Sunday was once the quintessential ‘Australian’ meal. Fast-forward 50 years, and lamb is still a favourite, but it’s no longer just the smell of a...

Celebrate: Cossack Krug

We join the Sydney-based Russian Zabaikal Cossacks celebrating a krug (circle), where members come together to debate, drink and dine on hearty, home-style...


Rocambole de doce de leite is one of the foods that reminds me so much of home and family, especially Mum. You prepare it by baking a simple, light sponge cake,...
These biscuits are a New York classic. They’re also popular in Germany, known there as Amerikaner cookies.
Classic apple pie goes tropical with the addition of creamy custard apple. This recipe was inspired by the wonderful tropical fruit at Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm.
This recipe is a favourite at Harrisons Restaurant, where chef Spencer Patrick lets the quality of Mark Hober’s Daintree Salt Water Barramundi speak for itself....
This cake can also be finished with more elaborate toppings, such as berries, but this is a simpler, home-style version.
Pouzy, a large steamed dumpling comes from the Russian Cossack community of Sydney’s Kemps Creek. Filled with a mixture of minced meats and cabbage, these...