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A steamy night in Hong Kong was not where I was expecting to enjoy an incredible cheese experience. But there I was, working my way through nine different cheeses (with drinks to match) as the manager of the Four Seasons’ Caprice gave a wonderfully detailed explanation of what we were eating. I swear, he’d met some of the cows personally. Cheese is a wonderful and mysterious foodstuff, with a seemingly endless number of variations, and it can be found in so many forms across so many cultures. One of the countries synonymous with cheese is France, where many of us will be focused this month as the Tour de France begins on 5 July.

Less well-known here is the cuisine of Peru – yes, there are roasted guinea pigs, but there’s also so much more, as senior sub-editor Rachel Bartholomeusz discovered. “I knew little about Peruvian food and what I hadn’t anticipated was the vibrant street food scene, or the vast difference between the cuisines of the coast, the Andes, and the Amazon.”

What cuisine have you been surprised by lately? We’d love to hear about it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Happy feasting.

Alix Davis

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