Editor's Note

The phrase “come over for a barbecue” has evolved since I was a child. Back then, it meant Dad chopping wood with an axe to fire up a barbecue built from leftover bricks from the neighbour’s renovation. The resulting food was more like burnt offerings and less like perfectly grilled or smoked pieces of meat. Well, there’s none of that 1970s barbecue business happening in this issue! Feast on barbecued dishes from the Caribbean, North Africa and Korea as summer gets underway and see how firebrands Elvis Abrahanowicz and Ben Milgate, of much-loved Sydney restaurant Porteño, cook over an open flame.

We have your sweet tooth covered, too, with our story on fried desserts from around the world. Instead of traditional doughnuts we devour Japanese fried sweet potatoes, Sicilian syrup-soaked nuggets of fried goodness and Persian morsels rich with saffron.

So what are you waiting for? Let us know what you’ll be cooking and feasting on from this issue – and remember to share your photos with us on social media.

Happy feasting!

Alix Davis

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